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My DRC student is struggling; what are my options?

Instructors may see that a student is struggling, and want to make a referral. This is fine, as long as you do so privately, and do not ask the student to divulge their disability.

What often works best is to explain the range of services available, and give the student a general referral to the Student Services. The student can schedule a confidential meeting with a Counselor, who will determine the appropriate next steps, and whether DRC services are recommended. After all, what seems to the Instructor like a learning disability in the classroom, may actually be a distracting family situation; what seems like lack of motivation and focus, may actually be a hearing loss. Let the Counselors sort this out, so you can focus on your teaching.

Remember that all students, disabled or not, must adhere to the Code of Student Conduct. If a student's behavior is detracting from the learning environment in your classroom, you should discuss this with your Dean. You may also speak with the Director of the DRC about your specific situation. Of course because of confidentiality, we will never divulge information about a specific student, but we can always listen to information, and advise you in general about procedures and your options.

To make a referral, or to discuss a specific situation, call 707-468-3031, or send email to the DRC Director.

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