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Do I have to register with the DRC to get services? 

It is your decision whether to use the DRC services, but be aware that if you need services such as interpreters or audio books, you must see a DRC counselor. Other services, such as tutoring, academic counseling, or career counseling are available to any student, disabled or not.

All students are entitled to the accommodations mandated by Americans with Disabilities Act, whether or not they choose to access additional services through the DRC. These would include accessible seating, doors and counters, Braille signage, visual alarms for the Deaf, etc.

We recommend that you speak with a Counselor to get information to help you decide whether DRC services are the best option to help you meet your academic and personal goals.

Created: March 05, 2009 @ 09:42 AM
Last Modified: October 28, 2011 @ 03:27 PM


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