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This statement of rights and responsi­bilities is designed to clarify those rights which the student may expect to enjoy, and the obligations which admission to the College places upon the student. The submission of an application for admission to Mendocino College represents a voluntary decision on the part of the prospective student to participate in the programs offered by the institution pursuant to the policies, rules and regulations of the community college, the State of California, and the Federal Government. In turn, College approval of that application represents the extension of a privilege to join the College community and to remain a part of it so long as the student meets required academic and behavior standards. Students are guaranteed the privileges of exercising their rights without fear or prejudice. Such rights include the following:

  Student Responsibilities

  1. To be knowledgeable of and comply with the directives, regulations, and laws established by the Board of Governors, the Board of Trustees, the College Administration and the Associated Students of Mendocino College.

  2. To respect the rights of individuals and groups to independent action as long as the exercise of these rights does not interfere with the parallel rights of others, including the avoidance of any action or actions which may interfere with the educational processes of the College.

  3. To be knowledgeable of and comply with the directives, regulations and laws of duly constituted civil authorities.

  Academic Honesty Guidelines

 Students are required to adhere to the College’s Academic Honesty Guidelines 533.2. Students are expected to avoid any type of dishonesty including, but not limited to the following:

1. Plagiarism (copying someone else’s sentences or phrases, using another author’s ideas without acknowledgment of the source, re-writing a research paper that incorporates significant material from a paper written by another person, submitting a research paper borrowed from another student or commercial use)

2. Cheating

3. Fabrication

4. Duplication of assignments

5. Aiding in dishonestyWhen an instructor is confronted with evidence of academic dishonesty, s/he will take appropriate action against the student. This action may include: reassignment of the research paper, exam, or project; assignment of a failing grade for the paper, exam or project, or a failing grade for the course; or recommendation to the Superintendent/President for dismissal from the course.Specific information on academic honesty may be obtained in the Academic Honesty Guidelines 533.2 available from the Office of the Dean of Student Services.

Alcohol & Drug Use Policy

Mendocino College is a drug/ alcohol-free campus.We ask you to actively support the creation of a drug and alcohol-free learning environment by knowing and making others aware of college policies and the substantial health and legal consequences of abuse.

District Policy #511: It is the policy of the Board of Trustees to prohibit possession, consumption, selling, giving or delivering, of alcoholic beverages in any form by any person on the College grounds, or at official college activities, or the coming on the grounds or to official activities of any person who is disruptive due to the influence of alcohol. Possible arrest and campus discipline up to and including expulsion may result for those persons violating this policy. The same policy prohibits the possession, consumption, selling, giving, or delivering of illegal drugs including the use on campus or at campus events of marijuana for “medicinal” purposes. The use of narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs or alcohol is also prohibited per California Education Code 87011 and 88022. Such controlled substances include cocaine, marijuana, LSD, heroin, methadone, mescaline, peyote, and methaqualone, among others. For more detailed information and a listing of assistance  programs,  contact the Dean of Student Services, Room 1000, MacMillan  Hall o at 468-3105.

Animals on Campus

The college does not permit animals on campus except for registered service animals to be used for instructional purposes. At no time should dogs be left in vehicles. Animals will be controlled by the local Animal Control Department. Questions on college and municipal regulations in this area should be directed to the Campus Security Office.


College Records    

It is the responsibility of each student to: 1. Inform Admissions and Records of changes in personal data. 2. Withdraw officially from the college or drop classes when he or she stops attending and to observe established deadlines. 3. Submit legal, not fraudulent, documents. 4. Repay any money received or owed as a result of the submission of fraudulent documentation or any other reason.

Student Conduct  

Each student is considered a responsible adult and it is assumed that each will maintain standards of conduct appropriate to membership in the college community. Emphasis at Mendocino College is placed on standards of student conduct rather than on limits or restrictions of students. Specific information on student conduct is addressed in the College’s Student Conduct Policy 533.1 available in the Office of the Dean of Student Services in Ukiah or at the Lake and North County Centers.


Parking is available at the Ukiah campus only between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 pm daily. At the Willits and Lake Centers limited campus parking and on-street parking are available. Students and college employees are expected to observe all campus regulations and the California Vehicle Code. Cars must be parked in designated spaces in the parking lots. Cars parked illegally will be cited and/or towed away at the owner’s expense. Some parking spaces have been set aside for handicapped persons and are restricted from all other use.

Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products  

In recognition of maintaining a clean and healthful environment, and to reduce fire hazard, smoking and the use of tobacco products will be prohibited on all District property except as listed in the college’s administrative regulations. Tobacco prod­ucts mean any tobacco cigarette, cigar, pipe tobacco, smokeless tobacco, snuff or any other form of tobacco which may be utilized for smoking, chewing, inhalation, or other manner of ingestion. Copies of the Smoking Policy may be obtained in the Office of Student Services


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