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The Body in Contemporary Korean Art

Koo Kyung Sook

Ian Harvey

Koo and Harvey both exhibit widely throughout the US and South Korea.  Their lecture is titled, FIELD OF LIFE, The Body in Contemporary Korean Art:  To the extent that the body contains and reflects life it constitutes our world - the field of our existence. As a result, it is inevitable that representations of the body assume a central role in the cultural productions of each time and place. The methods and types of these representations - the distinct manner in which the body is revealed as a subject - reflect a culture's relation to the body and to the essential realities of existence. To this end, the lecture presents nine contemporary Korean artists whose work explores the body as a subject. While each of the artists approaches the body from his or her unique perspective, it is possible to discover conceptual currents as well as methodologies that inflect their work with traces of their common culture and time.

The nine artists work included in this lecture, Cha Ki Youl, Choi Won Jin, Gim Hyo Sook, Jun Kyung Sun, Kim Jae Hong,  Kim Joon,  Koo Kyung Sook, Lim Mi Kang, and Yoon Yeo Geol, have been selected to indicate the diversity of work currently addressing the subject of the body in Korea. The artists' work encompasses the full range of contemporary media including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, video, digital imaging, animation, ceramics, and sculpture.

"Mendocino College Art Department is honored to offer this rare insight into Contemporary Korean Art.  The lecturers, Koo Kyung Sook and Ian Harvey, both internationally shown artists, were the cover image for Artweek Magazines February edition for their collaborative artwork.  Join us in welcoming them to Mendocino College and our art community" said Doug Browe head of ceramics and sculpture, Mendocino College. 

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