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Human Services Worker Internship (Field Placement Seminar and Practicum)

The HUS Worker Internship combines two courses: the Field Placement Practicum Seminar (HUS 103) which is a classroom-based group discussion with an instructor; and the Practicum (HUS 197a) which is an on-the-job applied learning experience.

Students who are seeking an internship should download the Internship Preparation Packet. For more detailed information about the internship, read the HUS Worker Internship Overview. See below for specific course information.

HUS Worker Field Placement Practicum Seminar (HUS 103)

HUS 103 Syllabus
Homework Assignments

HUS Worker Practicum (HUS 197a)

HUS 197a Syllabus
HUS 197a Assignment Worksheet

HUS 197a Internship Contact Info

HUS 197a Job Description

HUS 197a Learning Objective

HUS 197a Time Sheet

HUS 197a Self-Evaluation

HUS 197a Supervisor Evaluation Form

HUS 197a Agency Agreement
Approved Internship Sites

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