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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 25, 2008

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College Seeks Actors for Craig Lucas’ Prelude to a Kiss

    The Ukiah Players Theatre and the Mendocino College Theatre Arts
Department will hold auditions on Monday December 8 for their upcoming co-production of Prelude to a Kiss, Craig Lucas’ intelligent romantic drama exploring the nature of love, gender, identity and longing. The production will be directed by Mendocino College theatre professor Reid Edelman, and will be performed at the Ukiah Playhouse March 19-April 11, 2009.  

    The play starts like a conventional romantic comedy.  Peter and Rita, both in their late twenties, meet, fall in love and get married.  However, at the wedding, a supernatural event tests the young lovers’ commitment to each other.   Can Peter still love Rita when her spirit is no longer in the body of a beautiful woman, but rather in that of a decaying old man?  And can their love survive and ultimately make things right again?  As Edelman explains, “this is a beautiful and fascinating play.  It is enchantingly romantic, a bit troubling and very thought provoking.”  In 1992, the play was made into a popular film starring Meg Ryan, Alec Baldwin and Sidney Walker.

    For the Ukiah production, the role of the old man will be played by Doug Hundley.  All other roles will be cast through open auditions on Monday December 8 at the Ukiah Playhouse.  Interested performers should arrive at the playhouse at 6 PM and plan on staying until 10 PM.  No preparation or experience is required, though scripts are on reserve at the Mendocino College Library for those wishing to read the play in advance.  Some performers will be invited to attend additional call-back auditions on Tuesday December 9.  The cast will include 10-12 performers.  Available roles include:

Peter:        male, late 20s, an editor at a data-base publishing company.
Rita:          female, late 20s, a quirky insomniac troubled about the fate of our world. A bartender with artistic aspirations.    
Taylor:        male, 20s or 30s, Peter’s friend.   
Tom:           male, 20s.  A bartender and friend of Rita’s.   
Mrs. Boyle:  Rita’s mother, 50s.    
Dr. Boyle:    Rita’s father, a dentist, 50s.   
Minister:      20s or older.   
Uncle Fred:  Rita’s oddball uncle, 40s or 50s.   
Aunt Dorothy:  Rita’s aunt, 40s or 50s.   
Leah:         female, 40s-60s, the old man’s daughter; may be doubled with another character.   
Jamaican Waiter: Black male or female, 20s or older; may be doubled    with another character.

     As mentioned above, the role of the old man will be played by Doug Hundley.        

     Rehearsals will begin January 20 and continue until the show opens on March 19, 2009.  Performances will run through April 11. Several college courses are associated with the production, and all performers will receive college credit.  In addition to the performance opportunities, numerous backstage production positions are available.   Crews are needed to build scenery, props and costumes, as well as to work as stage managers, light and sound operators and run-crew.  

     For those with an interest in learning to build costumes, there will be a costume construction course taught by Kathy Dingman Katz.  This class will meet Tuesday evenings from 5:30-9:30 PM.  A production course focusing on scenery and lighting will be co-taught by David Wolf and Steve Wilson.  Meeting times for this course are by arrangement.

     For additional information about auditions, or to join the back-stage production team, contact Reid Edelman at (707) 468-3172.  # # # #

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