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                           8 Steps to Financial Aid at Mendocino College

Step 1        Request a PIN number

Step 2        Student must file an application for Financial Aid every year  to be eligible.  They may file as early as 
                        January 1 of each year!
 Student files FAFSA online at  

                         (Mendocino College's school code is 011672)

FILE EARLY! Priority Filing date is March 2nd to qualify for entitlement Cal Grants. 

Mendocino College Priority Date is May 31st to get a check prior to start of the Fall 2014 semester.

Step 3       Submit your application to Mendocino College.  Financial Aid receives FAFSA data from the U.S.
                       Department of Education (if you entered 
011672 on your FAFSA). Students may qualify for an
                       enrollment fee waiver by completing a Board of Governor's Waiver application or filing a FAFSA.

Step 4       Check out WebAdvisor.  WebAdvisor will list initial documents needed to start the process of 
                       your financial aid file.  Documents are available to download from our website or portal.  WebAdvisor is
                       your link to check-up on your financial aid status.  Recheck Web Advisor every few weeks.     

Step 5       Student returns all required documents to the Mendocino College Financial Aid Office.  All documents
                       are for the correct academic year, filled out correctly and signed where needed.  Your file is ready
                       for review and is placed in date order on our processing shelf. 

Step 6       File is reviewed for completeness by a technician.  Corrections may be needed.  MC grade transcripts
                       and all evaluated transfer work will be reviewed for Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Students will be
                       notified if additional documents (Step 4 + 5 repeat) or a petition may be required. 
Step 7       Mendocino College posts to WebAdvisor the students Financial Aid Awards.  Look under financial aid
                       status by term in Web Advisor.

Step 8       Financial Aid checks are available to students who are making Satisfactory Academic Progress and have
                       a completed financial aid file.  Students who complete their files by May 31st will receive a check the first
                       week of classes!

CLICK here for a list of dates and deadlines.

File early…      
Return requested forms quickly…

Please remember that at every interaction between the student and the Department of Education there is a one in three chance of the student being selected for a process called verification, which requires the submission of additional forms.  Financial Aid is a process.  It is not complete until you receive your money.

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