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Mendocino College Scholarship Application
Criteria and Information


  • With the exception of transfer scholarships, all scholarships are for enrollment at Mendocino College; they cannot be used at other community colleges or universities (unless specifically noted as a transfer scholarship). Failure to enroll or dropping all classes after enrollment nullifies eligibility and award must be repaid to donor.
  • Application forms must be typed or keyed and all documents completely filled out—please be neat and thorough!
  • You must have a Mendocino College Student ID. Fall 2016 admissions open for new students in late January. If you do not have an ID, Click Here to enroll or you can enroll at the Ukiah Campus, Lake Center or North County Center Admissions office.  
Beginning the first week of January…
  • Application forms can be filled out online. However, you must print out the application and sign it.
  • Or you can print out the application, and then type the information into the form.
  • Or you can print it out, begin filling in the information, and preparing your essay. Once you have all your application information in place, fill out the online PDF version of the application, print it, sign it, attach your recommendation letters and turn it into the Scholarship Coordinator.
  • Hard copy application packets are available for pick up from the Scholarship Application folder, located just below the Scholarship Bulletin Board in MacMillan Hall.
  • Application Packets will also be available at both the Lake Center Admissions and North County Center Admissions.


  • Fill out one application packet — you will be eligible for all scholarships for which you meet the donors’ criteria.
  • A complete application packets must contain the following (packets with missing documents will be returned to the applicant):
  1. Scholarship Application form;
  2. A student essay (limited to one page only);
  3. Two Recommendation Forms (or Letters of Recommendation) from an instructor, employer or other relevant source (not a family member). At least one Recommendation Form/Letter of Recommendation MUST BE FROM AN INSTRUCTOR unless you are a re-entry student (have not attended college and/or high school for 5 or more years);
  4. Signature page — signed and dated;
  5. High school students MUST submit their high school transcripts with their application.


Scholarships are typically awarded based on some or all of the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement and career or educational goal;
  • Grade point average;
  • Financial need;
  • Full-time (12 units), Part-time status (6 or more units), or currently enrolled as determined by the donor;
  • Service to the college, community groups, campus clubs, volunteerism & honors/awards.


Scholarship selection committees screen applications for the most qualified student for each award. Scholarship applicants will be notified by mail once the screening process for all scholarships has been completed. Scholarship monies are not released until the following Fall semester. Proof of enrollment at Mendocino College is required to receive scholarship funds unless awarded a transfer scholarship. Some donors present checks to their recipients the night of the Spring Awards Ceremony.


Scholarship recipients and their sponsors are recognized at one or both awards ceremonies in the Spring. Awards ceremonies for take place on the second and third Fridays in May.


Please contact: Lana Eberhard, Scholarship Coordinator
Mendocino College Foundation • Room 5110 • 1000 Hensley Creek Road • Ukiah, CA 95482
E-mail: • Phone: (707) 467-1018 • Fax: (707) 467-1035











































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