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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 24, 2008

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Mendocino College HEP Program Holds Seventh Graduation Ceremony

Ukiah, CA – Mendocino College celebrated its seventh High School Equivalency Program (HEP) graduation ceremony on Saturday September 6.
Over 100 people attended the ceremony held at the Mendocino College Track and Field Stadium.  The ceremony included music, student showcase and dinner for all those who attended.
Under the direction of Mendocino College HEP Director Minerva Flores, HEP recruited over 200 students to the program this year, with 120 students successfully participating in the program in 2007-2008 school year.  Sixty-two of the participating students successfully completed the program and all administered GED examinations.

 “The Mendocino College High School Equivalency Program strives to provide quality instruction and excellent supplemental services so that students can pass administered GED examination with the utmost confidence.  It is remarkable how our program can shape new lives and paths as students acquire the necessary skills to pursue new employment and career opportunities,” Flores said.
HEP is a five year federal grant with the objectives of recruiting and providing instruction, financial assistance, health screenings, childcare, and academic and career counseling to migrant or seasonal farm working students who were unable to attain a high school diploma.  Mendocino College received a renewal of this grant in 2006 and is currently on its second five-year cycle.
For many participants, HEP is a source of motivation and accomplishment. Students who complete the program go on to obtain better paying jobs or continue their education at Mendocino College.  Most importantly, HEP provides students with a second chance at education as well as changing their professional paths.

        “I would like to thank the HEP program for its dedication in developing new goals for each one of its students.  The program has opened the doors to a world filled with opportunities and alternatives.  Remember, that if you have education, you have a way to live your life.  Climbing the mountain isn’t easy, but the view from the top is wonderful,” Erik Salcedo, a recent HEP graduate and Ukiah resident said.

       Since its inception in 2001, HEP has graduated over 200 students and placed an average of 67 percent in new professions or academic programs of study.

      “If you have the desire to obtain your GED and get a career, the HEP program has professional teachers and tutors who will support you.  Take advantage of this opportunity.  HEP is here to help,” Valerio Baca, recent HEP graduate and Ukiah resident said.

       For more information concerning the Mendocino College HEP program, you can contact Minerva Flores at (707) 467-1026 or visit

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