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·          Apply to Mendocino College at www.


·          Apply online @ BEFORE your meeting with the VA Certifying Official – VCO - please call 468-3101 to schedule an appointment.


·          The VA Educational Plan is created during your 1st contact with the VCO and will list courses and/or areas that can be certified for VA pay.


·          To receive pay for the month, veterans must verify enrollment on the last working day of the month at the web site above or 888 # below.


·          Each semester:

o       follow your VA educational plan;

o       register for your classes;

o       notify the VCO at or 468-3102,

that you have your classes and want them certified.


·          All late start and short term (see dates under course selection) require a separate certification term and will affect your pay.


·          Change of major?  Meet with VCO to

a) Complete required VA form and

b) Receive an updated, new VA Educational Plan to follow.



·          Changed your schedule –added or dropped?  Notify VCO to determine if

a)  it will change your pay.

b)  a class was added, is it on your  VA Educational Plan?  If it is not on the plan, it cannot be certified.



For further information:    


VCO (Anastasia Simpson-Logg), 468-3102


VA, Muskogee, Oklahoma, 1-888-442-4551,


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