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HUS Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (2012 Program Review)

HUS 101 Introduction to the Helping Profession

HUS 103 Field Placement and Practicum Seminar

HUS 105 Field Placement and Practicum Seminar II

HUS 152 Basic Skills for Human Service Workers

HUS 154 Fundamentals of Interviewing and Counseling

HUS 155 Group Leadership and Group Process

HUS 156 Case Management and Documentation

HUS 157 Dual Disorders and Mental Health Issues

HUS 159 Intervention Theory and Techniques

HUS 160 Law, Ethics and Human Services

HUS 161 Introduction to Family Counseling Approaches

HUS 162 Community Prevention Theory and Practice

HUS 163 Professional Competency and Growth

HUS 170 Introduction to Social Work

HUS 196 Occupational Work Experience

HUS 197a Human Service Worker Practicum

HUS 197b Human Service Paraprofessional Practicum

HUS 199 Independent Study

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