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THE-Theater Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (2012 Program Review)

THE-Dance Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (2012 Program Review)
THE 88 Special Topics in Dance

THE 105A Narrative Theatre

THE 105B Play Development I

THE 105C Play Development II

THE 105D Play Development III

THE 118 Introduction to Directing

THE 119A Costume Construction I

THE 119B Costume Construction II

THE 119C Costume Construction III

THE 119D Introduction to Costume Design

THE 121A Acting Performance I

THE 121B Acting Performance II

THE 121C Acting Performance III

THE 121D Acting Performance IV

THE 125A Production Crew I

THE 125B Production Crew II

THE 125C Production Crew III

THE 125D Production Crew IV

THE 130A Hip Hop Dance: Beginning

THE 130B Hip Hop Dance: Intermediate

THE 140 Middle Eastern Dance: Beginning

THE 170 Introduction to Playwriting

THE 196 THE-Occupational Work Experience Education

THE 199 Independent Study

THE 200 Introduction to Theatre

THE 201 Introduction to Film

THE 202 Dramatic Literature and Script Analysis

THE 204 History and Appreciation of Dance

THE 206 Dance in World Cultures

THE 210A Acting Improvisation

THE 210B Beginning Acting

THE 210C Intermediate Acting: Scene Study

THE 210D Acting Styles

THE 212 The Actor's Voice

THE 215A Stagecraft

THE 215B Stage Lighting

THE 217A Costume Construction I

THE 217B Costume Construction II

THE 217C Costume Construction III

THE 217D Introduction to Costume Design

THE 220A Acting Performance I

THE 220B Acting Performance II

THE 220C Acting Performance III

THE 220D Acting Performance IV

THE 222 Capoeira Dance

THE 223 Salsa Rueda

THE 225A Production Crew I

THE 225B Production Crew II

THE 225C Production Crew III

THE 225D Production Crew IV

THE 228A Conditioning for Dance: Pilates Mat I

THE 228B Conditioning for Dance: Pilates Mat II

THE 230A Contemporary Dance: Beginning

THE 230B Contemporary Dance: Advanced Beginning

THE 230C Contemporary Dance: Intermediate

THE 230D Contemporary Dance: Advanced Intermediate

THE 234A Tap Dance: Beginning

THE 234B Tap Styles and Performance

THE 238A Jazz Dance: Beginning

THE 238B Jazz Dance: Intermediate

THE 242A Ballet: Beginning

THE 242B Ballet: Advanced Beginning

THE 242C Ballet: Intermediate

THE 242D Ballet: Advanced Intermediate

THE 244A Mexican Folkloric Dance: Beginning

THE 244B Mexican Folkloric Dance: Intermediate Technique & Performance

THE 250 Choreography

THE 260 Dance Performance

THE 262 Dance for Musical Theatre

THE 265A Dance Repertory: Apprentice

THE 265B Dance Repertory

THE 268 Dance Rehearsal

THE 270 Afro-Cuban Dance

THE 280 Dances of India: Bhangra 

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