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MUS Student Learning Outcomes (2012 Program Review)

MUS 110 Recording Studio Techniques I

MUS 111 Recording Studio Techniques II

MUS 112 Recording Techniques III

MUS 113 Recording Techniques IV

MUS 115A Recording Studio Laboratory

MUS 115B Recording Laboratory II

MUS 115C Recording Laboratory III

MUS 115D Recording Laboratory IV

MUS 196 MUS-Occupational Work Experience Education

MUS 199 Independent Study

MUS 200 Fundamentals of Music

MUS 201A Music Theory/Musicianship I

MUS 201B Music Theory/Musicianship II

MUS 202A Music Theory/Musicianship III

MUS 202B Music Theory/Musicianship IV

MUS 203 Music History and Literature I

MUS 204 Music History and Literature II

MUS 207 Introduction to Music Appreciation

MUS 208 Music in World Culture

MUS 209 History of Rock and Jazz Styles

MUS 210A Piano: Beginning I

MUS 210B Piano: Beginning II

MUS 210C Piano: Intermediate I

MUS 210D Piano: Intermediate II

MUS 210E Piano: Advanced I

MUS 210F Piano: Advanced II

MUS 220 Opera Theatre-Performance

MUS 222A Guitar: Beginning I

MUS 222B Guitar: Beginning II

MUS 222C Guitar: Beginning III

MUS 222D Guitar: Beginning IV

MUS 230A Beginning Voice

MUS 230B Intermediate Voice

MUS 230C Singers' Repertoire

MUS 250 Applied Music - Individual Instruction

MUS 256 Jazz Band

MUS 272 Symphonic Band

MUS 274 Beginning Orchestra

MUS 280 Masterworks Chorale

MUS 281 Concert Choir I

MUS 285 Vocal Jazz Ensemble

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