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CAM Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (2012 Program Review)

CAM 51A Culinary Skills I

CAM 52 Food and Equipment Safety and Sanitation

CAM 54 Food and Beverage Cost Control

CAM 58 Chocolate Confections

CAM 59A Baking I

CAM 59B Baking II

CAM 59C Pastry and Desserts

CAM 60 Survey of Food Systems and the Culinary Arts

CAM 61 Creating the Food-based Business

CAM 63 Dining Room Service

CAM 68 Food Preservation

CAM 70A Seasonal Vegetarian Cuisine Late Summer/Early Fall

CAM 70B Seasonal Vegetarian Cuisine Late Fall/Early Winter

CAM 70C Seasonal Vegetarian Cuisine Late Winter/Early Spring

CAM 70D Seasonal Vegetarian Cuisine Late Spring/Early Summer

CAM 71 Food and Wine Pairing

CAM 80 Modern Cuisine

CAM 196 CAM-Occupational Work Experience Education

CAM 197A Culinary Arts Practicum

CAM 51B Culinary Skills II

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