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 ART_Painting, Graphics, Gallery: Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (2012 Program Review)

ART_Ceramics and Sculpture: Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (2012 Program Review)

ART_Textiles/Weaving: Student Learning Outcomes Assessments  

ART_Textiles/Clothing: Student Learning Outcomes Assessments

ART 50 Ceramic Kiln Building and Repairing

ART 51 Introduction to Ceramic Glazes

ART 53 Low-Temperature Ceramic Firing/Glazing Techniques

ART 60 Discovering and Developing Creative Imagination

ART 86 Adobe PhotoShop Laboratory

ART 87 Book Arts

ART 150 Introduction to Fiber Arts

ART 160 Art Gallery Management and Exhibition

ART 170a Weaving I

ART 170b Weaving II

ART 173 Handwoven Garments

ART 176a Fabric Printing and Dyeing I

ART 176b Fabric Printing and Dyeing II

ART 190 Textile History

ART 191 Art and Craft Marketing

ART 196 Occupational Work Experience

ART 199 Independent Study

ART 201 World Art History I

ART 202 World Art History II

ART 205 Modern Art History

ART 206 Introduction to Native American Art

ART 210a Fundamentals of Drawing

ART 210b Intermediate Drawing

ART 213 Color and Composition

ART 214 Three-Dimensional Art and Design

ART 218a Painting-Oils I

ART 218b Painting-Oils II

ART 222a Painting-Watercolors I

ART 222b Painting-Watercolors II

ART 226a Painting-Acrylics I

ART 226b Painting-Acrylics II

ART 229 Portrait Painting

ART 231 Life Drawing

ART 232 Introduction to Printmaking

ART 240a Ceramics I

ART 240b Ceramics II

ART 240c Advanced Ceramics I

ART 240d Advanced Ceramics II

ART 246 Raku and Primitive Ceramics

ART 247 Ceramic Casting and Mold Making

ART 250a Beginning Sculpture

ART 250b Clay Sculpture I

ART 250c Clay Sculpture II

ART 281 Computer Graphics

ART 282 Introduction to Photography

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