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717090: Solar Technology


Scope of Project: To determine how to acquire solar technology and energy generation.

Budget: $5,000,000

Completion Date: November 2009

Point Persons: Larry Perryman, VP of Administrative Services, Mike Adams, Director of Facilities Planning, Steve Oliveria, Director Maintenance & Operations


December 2009 - The Solar Technology project is part of the District's comprehensive Energy project. The project began operation in November 2009 and was accepted by the District in December. The project is a 927kW tracker system. A tax-exempt municipal lease was negotiated with lease payments more than offset by the reduction in monthly electricity bills, resulting in savings on total electricity costs.

July 2009 - The District has entered into an agreement with SunPower for the installation of a 927kW solar field. Completion is scheduled for November 2009.

March 2008 - A meeting was held with MMA Renewable Ventures, during which sites were evaluated as possible locations for a solar array. Proposals from other sources will also be reviewed for consideration of a stand alone or PPA (power purchase agreement) project and for site location. 

February 2008 - Review of solar project options is continuing and  includes a meeting with Siemens to explore options for the energy and solar project improvements.

A PPA (Public Partnership Agreement) is also being explored; however, the incentive benefits have been reduced, making this option less attractive to the partners and possibly less viable as one of our options.

December 2007 - Meetings have been held with alternative energy companies and visits to sustainable energy projects throughout the state have been on-going. Work is being done to identify feasible energy efficient projects identified through the Energy Partnership Program. 

September 2007 - Meetings have been scheduled to discuss partnering with solar project construction and management companies. Research is underway for alternative vendors/options at this time.

August 2007 - Energy audits in progress


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