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717100: Technology Upgrades in Classrooms


Scope of Project: To bring classrooms up to the standards of Room 201.

Budget: $298,449

Target Completion Date: November 2009

Point Persons: Audio/Visual Media Specialist Steve Oliveria, Dean of Instruction-Ukiah Campus Virginia Guleff, VP of Education & Student Services Meridith Randall, Director of Facilities Planning Mike Adams.


December 2009 - The initial classroom technological upgrades, including classrooms at the Lake and Willits Centers, have been completed.

July 2009 - The upgrades on the Ukiah campus are 90% complete. Upgrades in the Lake and Willits/No Mendocino County Centers are scheduled during the fall semester.

June 2008 - Many of the planned classroom technology upgrades were initiated during the last quarter. Planning continues for the upgrade of all classroom and lab facilities to state of the art technologies that are currently being utilitized in colleges and universities throughout the country. 

April 2008 - "Smart" classrooms have been created in rooms 2510 -Child Development Center, and 3040 - Vocational Education & Technical Center. Updated figures for classroom upgrades have been generated and include 12 additional classrooms. It is anticipated that the technical upgrades will be completed in the additional classrooms during the summer of 2008.

August 2007 - no action to date


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