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717300: Lake County Center


Scope of Project: To own and develop a permanent site and plan and implement the construction of a new Lake County Center.

Location: 2565 Parallel Drive in Lakeport

Budget: $13,898,198

Target Completion Date: January 2013

Point Persons: Mark Rawitsch, Dean of Instruction-Centers, and Mike Adams, Director of Facilities Planning


December 2013 - The final pieces of this project include the completion of an audio system which will include projectors and lecturns for the classrooms and a computer refresh that was completed this month.

March 2013 - This project was completed in January 2013 with classes starting in the Spring 2013 semester. Additional parking was added during the first few weeks due to increased enrollment and high use by students. Project augmentations have been required to address the parking needs and to add additional operations storage.

December 2012 - As of December 31, 2012, the project was virtually complete, with detail work in the courtyard and main building being finalized. The facility will open on January 14, 2013 for registration and classes will begin on January 22, 2013. The contractors will be completing site details during the next month, which will not impact operations.

June 2012 - The Lake Center project continues on schedule with completion and occupancy planned for January 2013. 

December 2011 - Due to favorable weather, this project is proceeding ahead of schedule. Changes to the contract are being implemented in order to incorporate savings. Neither the design nor the function of the facility will be affected by these changes. Planning for the furniture and equipment will be completed during the Spring of 2012.

September 2011 - The Lake Center project was awarded, with the bids coming in over the project estimate. The District has re-prioritized other projects in order to allow this project to move forward. Value engineering is taking place to cut non-essential items and reduce the scope of the site work. The project is scheduled for completion in December 2012.

June 2011 - Plans for the water main extension are complete and ready to bid. The project will be advertised for bid during the first week in August, with opening of bids and award scheduled for early September. Completion is scheduled for November 2012, with occupancy slated for the Spring 2013 semester.

March 2011 - The City of Lakeport has selected the engineer for the water main extension. The water main extension project is expected to be complete by the Fall, 2011. The construction project for the Center is expected to bid during the summer, with completion scheduled for November 2012.

December 2010 - Design by the planning committee is complete. The City of Lakeport is conducting an RFP (Request for Proposal) for the engineering portion of the water main extension.

September 2010 - Site Master Plan, Schematic Design, and Preliminary Plans are complete. Design Development and Working Drawings are scheduled for completion and submittal to the State Architect's office scheduled for March 2011.

March 2010 - A planning committee has been formed and has begun working with the District's architect, TLCD Architecture, on the concept site master plan for the new Lake Center.

December 2009 - The District has closed escrow on the site at 2565 Parallel Drive in Lakeport. The purchase of this site for $1,000,000 was negotiated with Goldwater Bank after they foreclosed on the property. This resulted in a savings over the prior offer on this site of $530,000. Additionally, the District entered into a five year reimbursement agreement with the City of Lakeport to share in the cost of the required water main extension with a 50/50 cost sharing plan.

June 2008 - Investigation of the preferred site in Lakeport have continued and are near completion. All investigations, to date, have shown compatibility for this site as a permanent location for the Lake Center. The City of Lakeport applied for and received approval from the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) for annexation of 150 acres which includes the proposed site. Final purchase negotiations continue, pending completion of an appraisal by the current owner of the parcel. 

April 2008 - A large percentage of the required testing, survey, and inspection reports are either completed or in process on the Parallel Drive site in Lakeport. The property owner has indicated that he will respond to Districts' offer once he has received an additional appraisal from the appraiser of his choice. 

February 2008 - The District has been working with legal counsel and a consultant to prepare an offer on the Lakeport property. A contract agreement for environmental testing on the property site has been signed by the property owner.

December 2007 - An updated appraisal has been requested for the Parallel Drive property in Lakeport (not the current leased facility). Discussions with the current owner are continuing.

September 2007 - An appraisal has been received for the Parallel Drive property (not current leased facility) in Lakeport and is currently being reviewed. The Board of Trustees was advised on plans to begin discussions with the property owner of the Parallel Drive site. It is anticipated that the final site will be identified and acquired by year-end.

August 2007 - Placed advertisements in Lake County Record-Bee and Santa Rosa Press Democrat soliciting land.

Written by Elizabeth Larson
Sunday, 22 July 2007

LAKEPORT – Mendocino College officials say they're looking at a site in Lakeport as a possible future location of their Lake County center.Mike Adams, Mendocino College's facilities services director, said that the college is very interested in a 31-acre parcel located along Parallel Drive in Lakeport.

The property is part of the 157-acre Parallel Drive annexation that the City of Lakeport proposed to add to its boundaries.

That annexation, however, was turned down last Wednesday by the Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO), which ruled that the city's current sewer issues prevented it from being able to provide services to the annexation area.

Richard Knoll, Lakeport's Community Development director, said the city thinks the site would be an “appropriate location” for the college's Lake Center, which has for many years been based in Lakeport.

“We think the campus ought to be located here,” said Knoll, adding that it's a central location for the college and there aren't many good sites available for the facility.

Knoll added that the city is concerned that the LAFCO decision may impact the college site project.

Supervisor and LAFCO Commissioner Ed Robey, however, said he didn't think it was an issue that the property remains in county jurisdiction. He said the college could work with the county on the project just as it would have worked with the city.

The site that the college is considering is owned by Thomas Adamson, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based developer who is proposing to build a 130-lot subdivision on the site, according to LAFCO documents.

County assessor records show that Adamson acquired the property in May 2005. No purchase amount was listed, but the property assessment valued the land at $1.5 million.

In a July 9 letter obtained by Lake County News, Mendocino College Superintendent/President Kathryn Lehner wrote to Adamson to express the college's interest in purchasing the property.

“Our meetings with you and your representatives have helped us understand your development interests and the potential mutual benefits that may arise if the District is able to acquire the parcel in order to construct the new college center on the site,” Lehner wrote.

“We anticipate presenting a formal offer for the property in the near future,” she added.

Adamson did not return calls placed by Lake County News to his Arizona office.

Adams said the college is now securing an appraisal on the property, which they must do because the property would be purchased with public money.

The funds to purchase the property would come from Measure W, the $67.5 million construction bond measure voters approved last November to help the college build new facilities and renovate existing ones.

One of the stated intents of Measure W is to provide funding to purchase property and develop a new college Lake Center, which for many years has been located in rented facilities along Parallel Drive.

Measure W's project budget allocates a total of $15 million for property, design and construction of the site, but doesn't specify how much would be used just for land acquisition.

Adams said he has no idea how much the college might offer for the property.

The college is at a “very early stage” when it comes to discussions for the property, Adams cautioned, adding that no decision about the land had yet been made.

“It's not the only parcel we're looking at, but it's a prime spot,” he said.

A main concern is infrastructure, said Adams, which includes sewer and water service. Adams, who attended the July 18 LAFCO meeting, said annexation isn't the only way to get those services.

Staying at a Lakeport location would put the center in the middle of the Mendocino's Lake County service area, which extends down past Kelseyville to Jago Bay on one side of the lake, and as far south as Lucerne on the other, according to Adams.

The location along Parallel Drive also would give the college good visibility, Adams said. Its flat terrain and access off the highway also are pluses, he added.

“This would be great if we could figure it out,” Adams said.

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