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Advanced Standing

 A student who presents an official transcript of previous college or university credit may receive credit toward the associate degree from Mendocino College, if the institution was accredited at the time of attendance.

Credit may also be allowed for other learning experiences. (See "Evaluation of Non-Traditional Learning.") 12 units in residence is required before transfer credit is valid for graduation requirements.  To request an evaluation, please complete the request form and submit it along with an official transcript to the Office of Admissions & Records.  Evaluation will take eight to ten weeks to complete. Please plan accordingly.
For more information please contact the Office of Admissions & Records at 468-3101.

Evaluation of Non-traditional Learning

General Information

Mendocino College recognizes that people have equivalent learning experiences in many non-traditional learning experiences.  Policies for providing such evaluations include: Credit by examination, formal military service schools, and military service. The Office of Admissions & Records will evaluate all non-traditional school credit upon a student’s admission to Mendocino College and submission of the appropriate documents.  The maximum credit for all non-traditional credit accepted by Mendocino College may not exceed twenty-four (24) semester credits. Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should note that non-traditional credit accepted by Mendocino College may not be acceptable to the transfer institution.  It is advisable to check with the college you plan to transfer to for their policies on non-traditional credit.  Re-evaluation at the four-year institution may be of advantage to the transfer student since upper division credit may be allowed.

Foreign College Coursework

Mendocino College recognizes and grants college credit and equivalency to foreign college course work that has been independently evaluated for U.S. equivalency. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated for U. S. equivalency, at the student's expense, by a member organization of NACES.  To receive credit, the completed independent evaluation and request for transfer work evaluation should be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Formal Military Service Schools

Elective college units may be allowed for the successful completion of college-level training in formal service schools are recommended by The Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education.  Veterans should bring copies of all documents relating to their military training to the Office of Admissions & Records.

Military Service

Mendocino College will grant six (6) elective units for military service if the person has:  (a) spent at least one year in active service, and (b) has not received a dishonorable discharge.  Active duty personnel should submit a copy of DD Form 295 (veterans submit DD214) to the Office of Admissions & Records for evaluation.

Advanced Placement Examination (AP Exams)

Mendocino College grants credit for successful completion of examinations of the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program.  Students may earn credit for Advanced Placement (AP) Exams in which they earn a score of three, four, or five.  The number of units and how they meet specific academic content requirements are available here or from the Office of Admissions & Records.  Scores are submitted by the student to the same office for evaluation.


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