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298 Graduates Honored at Mendocino College

UKIAH, CA — There were 298 proud graduates receiving their two-year degrees and certificates at Mendocino College Thursday evening as family and friends filled the gymnasium for the 37th Commencement ceremonies.

“The success of these students is what Mendocino College is all about,” said Meridith Randall, Vice President of Education & Student Services. “Each of them should be very proud of all the hard work and challenges they have overcome to achieve their educational goals. This is the best day of the school year for us!”

For 2006-07, 43.7% of graduates plan to seek a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university, including 21.9% at CSU Sonoma. A survey of graduates indicates 64.1% completed their degree or certificate in six semesters or less.

The class of 2007 was awarded 193 Associate of Arts (AA) degrees, 99 Associate of Science (AS) degrees, and 32 Certificates of Achievement (CA). Many graduates put in extra effort to earned multiple degrees and/or certificates, with 45 earning two degrees or certificates, eight earning three degrees or certificates, and one student, Casey Rae Mahoney from Upper Lake, who earned three AS degrees in Business Accounting, Business Administration, and Business Management, and two AA degrees in General Studies and Liberal Arts.

The most popular fields of study for degree or certificate awards were general studies (86), liberal arts (74), business (52), nursing (31), psychology (20), and child development (13),

More than 85,000 students have enrolled at Mendocino College since its founding in 1973. Twenty-eight percent of District high school graduates enrolled at MC (2003 figures).

In a March 2007 report to the state legislature, “Focus on Results; Accountability Reporting for the California Community Colleges”, 52.9% of first time Mendocino College students achieved their stated completion goals during 2000-01 through 2005-06, a figure greater than the designated peer group average.

Financial aid is an important element for a majority of students in being able to attend college. 64% of Mendocino College students receive grants, scholarships or other forms of financial aid. Federal grants averaging $3,148 are received by 45% of students, State grants averaging $1,109 are received by 64% of students, and College grants averaging $513 are given to 49% of students.

Commencement began as Meridith Randall, Vice President of Educational and Student Services and Dr. Larry Prud’homme, Professor of History/Political Science, led graduates into the gymnasium.

Superintendent/President Kathy Lehner gave the Welcome and introduction of special guests, including faculty speaker Dr. Larry Prud’homme, student speaker Michele Wells, and featured speaker Tom Kesey, Vice President of Administrative Services. Board of Trustees president Gary Taylor gave the Charge to the College.

Academic Senate President Nancy McLelland and Academic Senate Vice President Leslie Saxon West led the Presentation of Candidates. The Conferral of Degrees and Certificates was done by Board of Trustees President Gary Taylor and Superintendent/President Kathy Lehner.

Platform guests included Board of Trustees Janet Chaniot, Potter Valley; Joan Ericksen, Ukiah; John Hancock, Lakeport; Wade Koeninger, Hopland; Larry MacLeitch, Clerk, Ukiah; Gary Taylor, President, Kelseyville, and Paul B. Ubelhart, Vice President, Willits. Represented the administration were Superintendent/President Kathy Lehner, Vice President of Education and Student Services Meridith Randall, and Vice President of Administrative Services Tom Kesey. Representing the faculty were Dr. Larry Prud’homme, Professor, History/Political Science; Nancy McLelland, Academic Senate President; and Leslie Saxon West, Academic Senate Vice President.

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Mendocino College Class of 2007 GRADUATES

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society — PTK, with more than 1,000 chapters in the United States and abroad, is the only internationally acclaimed honors society serving two-year colleges offering associate's degree programs. Since it's founding by a group of Missouri two-year college presidents in 1918, Phi Theta Kappa has sought to recognize and encourage scholarships among associate degree students. To achieve this purpose, the honors society has developed opportunities for leadership and service as well as provided an intellectual climate for continued academic excellence. Graduates are identified with "PTK" printed after their name. A gold stole is included in their regalia for visional recognition.

Honors — Each graduate with honors receives a gold tassel to wear from the cap. Designation of honors in the program is listed for Fall Graduates only: *Honors (3.16 g.p.a), ** Deans List (3.5gpa), *** President's List (3.75 g.p.a), ****Highest Honors (4.0 g.p.a).

2007 Graduates — in alphabetical order by last name, are:

Theresa Lynn Adair, AS LVN to RN Career Ladder; Michelle Anne Aguilar-Brown, AA Psychology, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Mark Albert, AS LVN to RN Career Ladder; Fernando Avalos Alfaro**, AA General Studies ; April R. Allen, AS Business Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management; Daniel T. Alvarez, AA Liberal Arts; Angélica Maria Jacinto Angulo, AA Foreign Language – Spanish; Valenda Apperson, AS Business – Accounting; Jenni M. Arney, CA Business Office Technology: Medical Billing/Coding; Katie Arreguin, AA Liberal Arts; Jessica C. Arteaga*, AS Business – Accounting; Nikola Ashiku, AA General Studies; Mirella Avila, CA Child Development; Jose Galvez Ayala, AS Business – Accounting;

Kathryn Elizabeth Baechtel PTK, AA General Studies; Shawn Baize PTK, AA Liberal Arts; Jeffrey Keith Banks, AA General Studies; Candace Baroza, AS Registered Nurse; Annette Marie Barrera, AS Registered Nurse; Brent Leon Barstow, AA General Studies, AS Business Administration; Laura Jayne Bartlett, AA Foreign Language: Spanish; Rafael Ernesto Batres, AA Ethnic Studies; Justin Bautista, AA General Studies; Laura May Baxter*, AA General Studies; Wilfredo Maqueira Bello, AA General Studies; Katie Bernal, AA Liberal Arts; Christopher W. Borgna, AS Business Management, Computer and Information Sciences; Quincey-Kaye Jeanette Bourgeois-Butler PTK, AA Psychology; Tammy Bray, AA General Studies; Trevor Brown, AA Liberal Arts; April Lee Buchanan, AA Liberal Arts; Candace Lauren Burnham, AA Psychology; Steven Joseph Bushey, AS Registered Nurse; Cassandra Jayne Butler PTK, CA Business Office Technology: Medical; Taylor-Paige Marchelle Butler, AA Liberal Arts;

Sujey Cardenas, AA General Studies; Christina Cavett, AA Liberal Arts; Jill Alane Chadwick PTK, AA Art: Painting Option; Jennifer Chew**, AA General Studies; Ronald G. Chips, AS Business Management; Kati Lee Christofferson PTK, AS Registered Nurse; Ryan Clair, AA Liberal Arts; Donald Clancy, AS Registered Nurse; Kristin Cochrane, AS Business Administration; Terri Coker, AS Registered Nurse; Jennifer Colvin**, AA General Studies; Eleanor M. Cook, AA Theatre: Theatre Option; Denise Lynn Cooper***, AA Liberal Arts; Emily Marie Cortez, AA Liberal Arts, Psychology; Bonnie J. Covarrubias, AS Registered Nurse; Amy Cox PTK, AA Liberal Arts; David Crose, AA Liberal Arts; Amy Culbertson-Arredondo*, AA General Studies, AS Administration of Justice;

Christopher William Dabbs, AA Psychology, AS Administration of Justice; Diane Elizabeth Daniels, AA Liberal Arts; Angela Catrina Dauer PTK, AA Foreign Language – Spanish, AS Mathematics; Jillian Alaine Davis, AA General Studies; Maria L. de Ortiz, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Jared Dellinger, AA General Studies; Rebekah Dolby, AA Liberal Arts; Cody Jessa Dooley, AA Liberal Arts, Psychology; Amanda Meggin Dow PTK, AA Psychology; Geoffrey Drake, AA General Studies; Robyn Chea Dress-Meadows, AA General Studies; Samantha Jo Drumm, AA Psychology; Renae A. DuMond*, AA General Studies; Connie M. Duran, AS Business – Accounting; J.T. Duwe, AS Business Administration;

Stanley Edward, AA General Studies; Patrick Egry, AA Psychology; Brooke Ekdahl, AA Liberal Arts; Joy Rachelle Emmitt, AA Liberal Arts; Harold Engstrom**, AS Business - Accounting; Donna Rosalva Erostico, AS Business Accounting, Business Administration; Mary Evans, AS Business Management; Theodore Edward Everhart, AA Liberal Arts;

Mandi Falgout, AA Liberal Arts; Bell Fargey, CA Textiles/Weaving, AA Art: Weaving Option; Hilda Fesler, AA General Studies; Jami Flores, AS Registered Nurse; Timothy M. Flowers PTK, CA Business Management; Mattie Josephine Ford, AA Liberal Arts; Rosanna Franceschini, AA General Studies; Camas Frank**, AA Liberal Arts; Alonzo Frias, AA Foreign Language: Spanish; Nancy I. Frost* PTK, AA Art: Painting Option; Cynthia S. Fuller, AA Liberal Arts;

Tonya Whitney Garcia PTK, CA Business Office Technology: Medical Billing/Coding, Business Office Technology: Medical, AA General Studies; Sheryl Marie Gard, CA Business Management; Sara Eileen Garner, AA Liberal Arts, Psychology; Victoria Garrison, AA General Studies; Jennifer Jeanine Gentry, AA General Studies; Leland E. Geoble PTK, CA Culinary Arts Management; Zorah Gluckman, AS Registered Nurse; Sara Kendall Godfrey, AA Social Science; Arturo González, AS Business Administration; Mario E. Gonzalez, AS Business Accounting, Business Management; Melinda Ann Gonzalez, AS Business Office Technology: Administrative Assistant, CA Business Office Technology: Legal; Richard Lee Grahn, AA General Studies, Liberal Arts; Daniel Gregory Grant Jr., AA General Studies; Michael Alex Grant, CA Computer Applications – Graphics/Presentation; Sherri Lee Gravier, AS LVN to RN Career Ladder; Jessica A. Gray, AA Liberal Arts; Andrea R. Grayson, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Lance Marshall Guillory, AS Administration of Justice;

Elise Haas PTK, AA Psychology; Colleen Halbohm PTK, AS Business Management; Katrina Jean Hale, AS Registered Nurse; Jessica L. Hamby, CA Business Accounting; Carolynn B. Hansen, AS Business – Accounting; Johanna Catherina Harris PTK, CA Business Office Technology: Medical, Business Office Technology: Medical, Billing/Coding, AA General Studies; Jasmin Harwell*, AA Liberal Arts; Peggy Sue Hawthorne*, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Melinda Ann Herman, AS Business – Accounting, Business Management; Spencer Day Herman, CA Automotive Technician; Thomas L. Herve, AS Administration of Justice; Dawn Renee Herzer, CA Business Management, AS Business Administration, Business Management; Summer A. Hicks, AS Business Accounting; Kristin Rae Cox Hills*, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Michelle Maile Hoomalu PTK, AS Registered Nurse; David Hunt, AA General Studies; Leigh S. Hunt, AA General Studies; Deborah Hunter, CA Business Office Technology: Medical Billing/Coding; Melinda Angelina Hunter PTK, AS Business Management;

Gerald J. Irwin, CA Ceramics – Master Technician; Matthew Ivey, AA Liberal Arts;

Jason A. Johnson, AS Computer and Information Sciences; Spencer Johnson, AA General Studies; Rebecca N. Johnson-Rivera, AS Business Management; Danielle M. Jones PTK, AS Registered Nurse; Greg Jones, CA Automotive Technician; Gary S. Joseph, AA General Studies; Taylor-Lynn Joyner, AS Business Management;

Eric M. Kalk, AA General Studies; Heather Kiel, CA Child Development; Rebecca Kies PTK, AA Liberal Arts, Psychology; Natalie Klier PTK, CA Business Office Technology: Medical Billing/Coding; Carol Sue Koonce, CA Human Service Worker; Ember M. Koski***PTK, AA General Studies, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Karma Eberhard Krempel, AS Computer and Information Sciences;

Denise Lynn LaChance, AS Registered Nurse; Shawnée Surée Laiwa-McKay PTK, AA Liberal Arts; Robert Gene Lanfranco II** PTK, AA Social Science, AS Business Administration; Rebecca Larson, AS Registered Nurse; Heather Nicole Law, CA Ceramics – Master Technician; Beronica H. Leon, AA Psychology; Robin Jean Lewis, AA General Studies; Reyna Limon PTK, AA Psychology; Lindsay Lee Linnell, AS Registered Nurse; Patricia Loera, CA Business – Accounting, Business Management, AS Business – Accounting, Business Management; Carl F. Longcrier, Associate of Science, Business Management; Charles Lopez, AA General Studies; Teresa Lopez*, AA General Studies; Jene Marie Lowater, AS Registered Nurse; Renee Elizabeth Elaine Lowe, AA General Studies; Kathryn M. Luetke, AA Liberal Arts; Benjamin Lukas, AA General Studies; Maria Luna*, AS Business – Accounting, Business Management; Ana Bertha Lupian, AS Business Accounting; Merrill A. Lynn, AA General Studies, AS Health Sciences: Hazardous Materials Technology;

Matthew D. Mac Leod, AA General Studies; Anne Marie Magratten PTK, AA Art: Ceramics Option, Art: Painting Option; Ryan William Mahan*, AA Liberal Arts; Casey Rae Mahoney, AA General Studies, Liberal Arts, AS Business Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management; Jennifer Marie Maples, AA General Studies; Nicholas Straight-Talker Marston PTK, AA Liberal Arts; Travis Wade Mather, AA Liberal Arts; Daniel Maxey, AA General Studies; Irvin McCallum, AA General Studies; Ryan Patrick McCullough, AA General Studies; Jennifer Jean McGee, AA General Studies; Sean McKeithen, AA General Studies; Samantha McLeod, AA Liberal Arts; Shelby A. Medina, AS Business Management; Jorge Armando Estrada Mendoza, AA Ethnic Studies; Martha Gonzalez Mendoza, AA General Studies; Zachary R. Miller, AA General Studies; Christopher Mills, AA General Studies; Catarina Miramontes PTK, AA Liberal Arts; Veronica Miramontes PTK, AA General Studies, Liberal Arts; Jennifer S. Mitchell, AA English; Michael Robert Montgomery, AA General Studies; Donna Nannette Moses, AA Social Science; Robert J. Moses, AA Social Science; Dariela Patricia López Mtz., AA General Studies; Duane H. Mullen, CA Automotive Tune-Up and Electronics Specialist; Antonio Muñoz, AA General Studies; Carole Murphy, Associate of Science, Business – Accounting, Business Management; Adriana Murray, AA Liberal Arts; Emma-Leigh Pearl Myles, AA Psychology;

Nancy Naja-Paz*, AS Business Office Technology: Administrative Assistant; Amy E. Niesen, AS Registered Nurse; Julie Anne Nix, AA Liberal Arts, AS Business Administration, Business Management; Rhonda Norfolk, CA Business Office Technology: General, AS Business Office Technology: Administrative Assistant; Nicole Patricia Nowlin, AA Liberal Arts, Speech;

Sandra O’Connor, AA Liberal Arts; Cristan Ogden, AA Liberal Arts; Matthew Orme, AA Liberal Arts; Anna Kay Orozco, AA Art: Weaving Option; Laura Jean Orr*, AA Music – Instrumental Option; Angelina N. Ortiz, AS Business Administration, Business Management; Maureen O’Sullivan, AA Psychology; Jamie Owen, AA General Studies;

Bohdanya M. Passyka, AA General Studies; Ivania Enriquez Perez, AA Liberal Arts; Martha Pérez, AA Liberal Arts; Kyra Platte, AA Liberal Arts; Perry Patrick Poff**, AA Liberal Arts; Jennifer S. Prince, AS LVN to RN Career Ladder; Russell Pullmann Jr., AA General Studies, Liberal Arts; Nicole Pye-Carte**, AS Business Management;

Danielle Renae Quiroga, AA General Studies;

Jason W. Rader, AA General Studies; Miranda Jean Ranft, AA Psychology; Dwight Raudio, AA General Studies; Jeff Reab, AA General Studies; Tyrone Reed, AA General Studies; Roxanne M. Regan, AS Business Management; Kimberly Lynn Renteria, AA General Studies; Nancie Rice, AA General Studies; Barbara C. Ringen**, AS Business – Accounting; Kenneth Brooke Robinson, AS Registered Nurse; Lily Rojo**PTK, AA Liberal Arts; Renata Roman, AS Child Development/Family Relations; La Tonya Taray Rowe, AA General Studies; Shawn Galen Rowe, AA General Studies; Honey Ruppel, AS Business Management;

Denise Sams, AS LVN to RN Career Ladder; Beatriz G. Sanchez, AS Business – Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management; Brenda Sanchez, AS Administration of Justice; Sadie M. Sanders, AA Psychology; Shannon P. Scatena, AS Registered Nurse; Tanya Leigh Schillinsky, AA General Studies; Barbara Ruth Schlocker, CA Computer Applications – Graphics/Presentation; Charlene Lynn Schmidt*, AA General Studies; Bryan Christopher Schulz, AS Business Management; Bonnie Dianne Sears PTK, AS Business Administration; Maggie Senerchia, AA Liberal Arts; Jennifer Seymour, AS Registered Nurse; Jessica Nicole Shafer, AA General Studies; Yvonne Shaw*, AA General Studies; Lisa Marie Shepherd PTK, AA Art: Painting Option; Anna Sheppard-Summerfield, AA General Studies; Adam Christopher Shumaker, AA Liberal Arts; Machicko Shimada***PTK, AA Liberal Arts; Erin Simmons, AS Computer and Information Applications; Nancy Gayle Simpson PTK, AA General Studies; Penelope Sinor, AA Theatre: Theatre Option; Basima Summer Sisemore, AA Ethnic Studies, Liberal Arts, Social Science; Jessica Sloan, AA General Studies; Lori Kaye Smith PTK, AA Liberal Arts; Connally Albert Espinoza Spliethof, AS Administration of Justice; Dan Mitchell Stark****, AS Administration of Justice; Rachel Ann Starr, CA Culinary Arts Management, AA General Studies; Mary Stevenson, AA Psychology; Carol Rae Stewart, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Carolyn Oma Stokes, CA Business Accounting, AS Business Accounting, Business Management; Kelly Janine Stokes, AA Psychology; Carrie Patricia Studer, AS LVN to RN Career Ladder;

Kristen S. Terwilliger, AS Registered Nurse; Elizabeth Antoinette Tessier PTK, AA General Studies, AS Business Accounting; Aura Ann Fox Thomas PTK, AS Registered Nurse; Christina Thomas PTK, AA Liberal Arts, Natalie Kristin Thomas, AA General Studies; Lynn Thompson, AA General Studies; Nellie A. Thompson, CA Business Office Technology - General; Michelle Kristin Marie Tobin, CA Child Development, AA General Studies, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Crystal Ann Tolles, AA Liberal Arts; Casey J. Tollini, AS Business Administration; Noel Richard Torrey, AA Liberal Arts; Jamie Troedel, AS Computer and Information Sciences, Mathematics; JoAnn Troedel, AA General Studies; Rebecca Mae Tucker*, AA General Studies; Janet Elaine Turner*, AA General Studies; Mark A. Turner, AA General Studies;

Neil Silas Vaine, AA Liberal Arts; Christina Lupe Valenzuela, AS Child Development/Family Relations; Brandon M. Van Meter**, AA Liberal Arts; Dinnah A. Van Pelt*, AA General Studies; Maria Vineyard, AS Business Management;

Kenneth R. Waltz Jr.***, AA Liberal Arts, AS Administration of Justice; Louise J. Weatherly, AS Business Management; Erin Morgan Webb, AS LVN to RN Career Ladder; Jennifer Marie Weber, AA General Studies; Christopher R. Weer, AA General Studies, Liberal Arts; Antoinette Weinert, AA Liberal Arts; Michelle Elizabeth Wells, AA Liberal Arts, Psychology, Speech; Nikcole Whipple, CA Business Management, AA General Studies; Aphrael G. Whitaker PTK, AA Psychology; Alicia A. Widener, AA General Studies, Liberal Arts; Angela Lee Winchester, AS Business Management; Jason M. Winegarner, AS Registered Nurse; Jared Keith Womack, AS Computer and Information Applications; Nicole Woodruff, AS LVN to RN Career Ladder; Linda Faye Wooton, CA Human Service Worker; Chelsie Wright, AA Liberal Arts;

Amy L. Young, AS Business – Accounting, Business Administration; Spencer A. Young, AA Liberal Arts; Sylvia Ann Young, AA Liberal Arts;

Hector Zavala, AS Business – Accounting; Marie Faith Zuberbier, AA General Studies; ;

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