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A checklist for NEW students taking CREDIT courses.
Use this STEP SHEET to guide you through the steps of enrolling for classes.

    Complete the Mendocino College Admissions Application and turn it in to the Admissions Office in MacMillan Hall (1000 Hensley Creek Rd., Ukiah) or at the college Centers in Willits and Lakeport. No college services will be provided until you have filed an application. Submit any high school and college transcripts you have for evaluation by Admissions and use by counselors.

    If you plan to enroll in a Math or English class, or a class that has a math or English prerequisite, you must take the placement tests in the Learning Center (770 Library Bldg.) in Ukiah or at the College Centers or you will not be able to register.

    You may be exempt from this requirement for math if you have already taken an Algebra course or above in college, or for English if you have taken a college level Reading and Composition course in college, OR you have already received an A.A. degree or higher. If you want an exemption for any of these reasons, you will need to submit proof of your work (transcript) and a Prerequisite Course Equivalency Form to the Admissions & Records Department in Ukiah or the college Centers before you enroll. The form is available the Admissions Office in Ukiah or the college Centers.

    If you believe you can succeed in a class even though you have not met the course prerequisite or the grounds for exemption, you may submit a Prerequisite Challenge Form, which is available from the Admissions Office in Ukiah or at the college Centers.

    After you have taken the Placement Tests, it is strongly recommended that you make an appointment in the Counseling Office, (1000 MacMillan Hall) in Ukiah or the college Centers to see a counselor and attend Orientation.

    Counseling Departments: Ukiah Campus (707) 468-3048; Lakeport Center, (707) 263-4944; and Willits Center, (707) 459-6224.

    Orientation will familiarize you with college requirements, expectations, programs and services. You will be given a Catalog, Class Schedule, and other relevant handouts. On completion, you will also receive priority registration and can register before other new students, which will help to assure that the classes you need are available.

    Counseling provides you with academic advising and course selection and will assist you in choosing an academic major and developing an Educational Plan which you should do in your first semester. Counseling can also assist with vocational and personal needs and concerns.

    Guidance classes can assist you with the transition to college, study skills, and choosing a career.

  4. FINANCIAL AID and Disability Resource Center (DRC)
    Apply-Don’t Disqualify!  The number one reason students do not get financial aid is that they do not apply for it and they do not complete the process if they apply.  Fill out a Board of Governor’s fee waiver in the Financial Aid Office at the Ukiah Campus or the Admissions Office in the college Centers.  If you and/or your parents need help completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA], we have computers and people to help at the Financial Aid Office (Room 1130 in MacMillan Hall).  If you think you may be eligible, you need to complete fee waiver paperwork at the Financial Aid office before you register.  It’s not too late to complete the FAFSA, start today!  The sooner you complete the Financial Aid process the earlier we can pay you.  Please Note:  The eligibility requirements for financial aid have changed!!  Students who were not eligible in 2008-09 may be eligible for 2009-10!     

    People with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) (1000 MacMillan Hall) in Ukiah or the college Centers for possible registration/enrollment assistance and academic accomodations. 

    You may then register for classes online through WebAdvisor at or by Walk In at the Admissions Office in Ukiah or the college Centers at the times outlined in the Class Schedule.  All Enrollment Fees are due at the time of registration. The College will accept payment by cash, credit card, money order or check. If payment will be made by third party, such as Worker's Compensation or Vocational Rehabilitation, please contact the Business Office before you register to make payment arrangements.



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