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HEALTH - HLH 196 Sample Objectives


Outcome MeasurementLearning Process
Increase my efficiency in thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting patient rooms after a dischargeMy supervisor’s acknowledgement that room disinfection is done accurately, completely and in less time than it currently takes me.1) During my training period, I will observe other housekeepers clean and I will ask questions. 2) I will consider the different processes that others use and, in consultation with my supervisor, I will determine the most efficient and time effective approaches. 3) I will critically examine my own habits and process of cleaning, and integrate what I have learned from my observations and discussions. 4) I will also continue to seek help in perfecting this process by those whom I have observed and with input from my supervisor.
Increase my understanding of viral encephalitis and its treatment The evidence will be in the form of a written report that shows my research, with a bibliography, and a journal discussing my personal experience working with a patient with the virus, including notes outlining an interview with a patient.  I will conduct internet and text-based research on the virus (how it is contracted, its progression, treatment available, and patient prognosis and support considerations). I will keep a journal regarding my personal experience providing care to a patient with the disease, and I will conduct an interview of the patient regarding their experience with the disease, its treatment and the quality of supportive care s/he has received, which I will record (anonymously) in writing.
The ability to identify medical terms associated with the dermatological practice.  I will be able to use at least fifty new terms by the end of the semester. I will pass a test given by my supervisor on said terms.  I will ask my supervisor for a list of terms most frequently used. I will ask to review patient notes, medical journals and other material wherein I will find unfamiliar terms. I will write down all the unfamiliar terms, and I will use a medical dictionary or other reference books to look up these terms and memorize them.
Develop the ability to accurately inform patients about the contraction and treatment of the common childhood illness conjunctivitis.I will develop an informational handout for parents and coworkers outlining the causes, progression and treatment of conjunctivitis. I will develop the outline of a brief educational presentation, which will be approved by my supervisor and which I will present to at least 2 parents. I will receive positive feedback from co-workers, my supervisor and parents regarding the handouts and presentations. I will conduct internet and text-based research on the illness. I will review a variety of informational handouts for format and content. I will create a draft informational handout for my supervisor’s review and comments. I will make modifications based on her feedback. I will create a draft “talking points”/instructional outline for myself and other health educators for my supervisor’s review and comment.  I will pilot the use of the informational handouts and instructional outline with patients and share the outcomes with my supervisor, and will adjust my approach based on my experiences with the patients
Demonstrate the ability to use "Command Spanish" when treating patients.  I will use Spanish to express myself clearly and effectively with non-English speakers. I will complete patient care tasks without the help of a translator. I will: research various "Command Spanish" resources; make a list of the terms most frequently used and their Spanish translations; review terms with Spanish speaking coworkers to ensure proper pronunciation, practice speaking Spanish on a daily basis; and ask Spanish-speaking co-workers and patients to rate my effectiveness on a 1-10 scale for clarity and effectiveness.
Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a medical imaging technician. A completed case study of a patient in the 5 areas of medical imaging that meets with my supervisor’s approval; a completed journal; my supervisor's observation that my attitude and conduct with patients and staff are conducive to good patient care and teamwork. My supervisor’s observation that I am capable of providing basic care for a patient and that I can properly move equipment as directed. I will observe the imaging technicians' approach to a patient in the 5 imaging areas (mammography, general radiology, CT, MRI and Ultrasound). I will keep a journal of my observations of the physical, mental and emotional requirements of a technician in these areas. I will review this with my supervisor to be sure I fully understand all aspects of a technician’s job. I will observe my supervisor or other experienced radiology technicians provide basic care to a patient and move equipment. I will ask questions and take notes as necessary. I will then provide basic care to at least 3 patients under the observation of my supervisor and/or other technicians and I will make adjustments in my approach as needed based on the feedback I receive. I will move equipment as directed and under the observation of my supervisor and/or other technicians and I will make adjustments in my approach as needed based on the feedback I receive. I will complete a brief "case study" of a patient in the 5 different imaging techniques, focusing on the physical requirements, the thought processes and emotional deportment required to be successful with each of these patients. I will review this with my supervisor and amend the case study based on my supervisor’s feedback.
Demonstrate the ability to accurately and efficiently complete ALS procedures within the scope of the paramedicI will complete 30 ALS contacts according to the standards of the local EMS agency and the satisfaction of my supervisor. All necessary paperwork will be completed to the satisfaction of my supervisorI will discus with my supervisor all aspects of the ambulance until he/she is satisfied with my knowledge and ability to work effectively with the rig. I will observe my supervisor performing ALS contacts in the field, assisting, asking questions and taking notes as needed to discuss with him/her at a convenient time. My supervisor will observe me performing ALS procedures in the field and will provide me with feedback on my performance. I will make adjustments in my approach based on that feedback. My paperwork will be reviewed by my supervisor who will provide me with feedback, and I will adjust my approach if necessary based on that feedback

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