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717070: Renovation for Instruction & Student Services Expansion


Scope of Projects:

1. Remodel Room 1200 for Career Center, relocation from Room 1000 to Room 1200

2. Remodel Room 1130 for Financial Aid/EOPS/CalWORKs, relocation from Lowery Library building to MacMillan Hall.

3. Remodel Room 1000 for Counseling Services

4. Remodel of Room 740 to provide additional classroom and office space

Budget: $452,478

Committee Members:
Virginia Guleff, Dean of Instruction-Ukiah Campus, Mike Adams, Director of Facility Planning


December 2013 - Funds have been allocated through the re-prioritization process for the renovations in Room 3060 in the Voc-Tech Building and Room 1100, Admissions and Records.

December 2009 - All projects that have been planned to date are complete. Renovation of additional areas is expected to include adjustments where functional changes are needed in response to the District's master plan.

July 2009 - All of the original projects planned under this item have been completed. Some additional areas may be modified to accommodate Instructional and Student Service needs.

September 2008 - Work has begun on the redesign/remodel of Room 740. When completed, the current space will house a new classroom and additional offices spaces.  It is anticipated that the newly designed space will be ready for occupancy during the Winter Break.

June 2008 - Phase I was completed with the remodel of Room 1000 in MacMillan Hall. Counseling Services will move into their newly remodeled Room 1000 during the week of June 16. The interior of Room 1000 has been completed redesigned to offer a more welcoming atmosphere and offer students easier access to services offered by the department. 

Phase II planning for the renovationn of the East Faculty office area and room 740 in the Lowery Building is currently in process.

April 2008 - Remodel of the Counseling Services office is underway. A plan has been developed for color and flooring selections. 

February 2008 - On February 19th, the Counseling Services office, in Room 1000, will move to Room 740 and the Dean of Students will be relocated to Room 1010 in anticipation of the remodel of their current location. Construction will begin immediately following the relocation, with project completion projected for mid-summer. Room 735, currently a conference room, will be used as a counselor's office during the remodel.

Updated signage within MacMillan Hall is underway to assure that students and visitors are not frustrated by the remodel process and to provide a consistant appearance to the campus as a whole.

December 2007 - The remodel of Career Center (Room 1200) and Financial Aid is completed. The Career Center moved into their new location in Room 1200 on 12/20 and Financial Aid will begin to occupy their new location the first week of January, 2008. 

October 2007 - Remodel work has begun on the Career Center (Room 1200) and Financial Aid. Sheetrock has been placed, framing is near completion, and the electrical work is close to finish.

September 2007 - Notices of Award and Contracts were signed by District on all phases of this project. The Contractor will begin working on the Career Center (Room 1200) and Financial Aid during the week of October 1-5.

August 2007 - Target completion for all moves is opening of spring 2008 semester.


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