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Financial Aid Available for Community College

Ukiah, CA – Attending a California Community College has consistently been one of the lowest cost ways to higher education in the nation.  Effective with the Spring Semester 2007, the California legislature has lowered community college enrollment fees from $26 to $20 a unit, which means students can enroll full-time in 12 units for $240 a semester, plus $17 in student fees at Mendocino College. The total of $257 is a fraction of the $1302 price tag at a California State University (CSU) or the $7800 ticket for full-time tuition and fees at a University of California (UC).  

“Even with these low fees, students often qualify for financial aid,” explains Jacque Bradley, Assistant Dean of Financial Aid and EOPS at Mendocino College.  “It is important that no one disqualify themselves from receiving financial aid. Every year a significant number of students decide they do not qualify and never apply for aid.  There are several different forms of aid students can apply for, including grants, waivers, work study, scholarships, and loans.”

More than 2,700 Mendocino College students received the Board of Governor’s (BOG) Fee Waiver for 2005-06, which has one of the simplest applications.  Eligible students receive their entire enrollment fees waived resulting in a $17 balance for a semester of education.  The fee waiver program was instituted by the legislature to ensure open access to college for low-income students. The program waives qualified students’ enrollment fees and does not require repayment.  A student may receive a fee waiver even if they are only enrolled in one class.  Only legal California residents are eligible to receive the BOG waiver.  There are several ways to qualify for a BOG:
•    If you receive TANF, CalWorks, SSI or SSP or if you are dependent and your parent(s) receive TANF, CalWorks, SSI or SSP.
•    If your adjusted gross income for a single individual is below $13,965, or for a household of 2 is below $18,735 (add $4,770 for each additional family member)
•    If you demonstrate $1 of need using federal methodology.  This method requires the student to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  If after calculating the expected family contribution, the student is left with one dollar of need, they qualify to have their fees waived.
•    If you are a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, the dependent of a Medal of Honor recipient, a dependent of the September 11, 2001 attack, the dependent of a law enforcement officer or fire suppression personnel killed in the line of duty or with certification from the California Department of Veterans Affairs or National Guard Adjutant General.
850 students qualified for a federal Pell Grant last year at Mendocino College. For full-time students, this translates to $4050 per year in financial aid that does not need to be paid back.
In addition, this year Congress initiated a new Academic Competitiveness Grant for recent high school graduates who complete a rigorous course of study while in high school. Full-time Mendocino College students who meet the qualifications could receive $750 additional in grant money.
Mendocino College offers work-study awards for $1,000 a term for full-time students on a first-completed basis. A work-study student must work to earn this form of financial aid.  Students have the opportunity to take a federally subsidized loan. The college recommends students wait to take out loans when they transfer to a four-year college or university which will have much high costs, but students interested in loans can find the loan workshop schedule at the financial aid office.

A final option is scholarships. The Mendocino College Foundation awarded more than $69,000 in scholarships for 2006-07.  The deadline for applications this year is March 1, 2007. Applications are available online at

For more information on financial aid and scholarships, go online at, or stop by the financial aid office at the Mendocino College Ukiah Campus, Lowery Library Building, Room 720, 1000 Hensley Creek Road.

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