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Any person enrolling in credit or non-credit courses is subject to residency requirements as outlined by the California Education Code (*see below). New students and those absent two semesters or more are required to complete an application in order to determine the applicable fees. 

Resident: A resident student is one who has been a legal resident in California for more than one year immediately preceding the beginning of the semester in which the student plans to enroll, and who demonstrates the intent to remain a permanent California resident.

Non-Resident: A non-resident student is one who has not had a legal residence in California for more than one year immediately preceding the beginning of the semester. Such students are required to pay non-resident tuition in addition to enrollment fees. Exemption to non-resident tuition exists when documentation is presented for any one of the following: 

• Attended a California high school (or high school equivalent) for a minimum of three years and earned a California high school diploma, or equivalent. 

• Full-time credentialed employee of a California public school enrolling in college for purposes of fulfilling credential-related requirements. 

• Seasonal agricultural worker for a least a total of two months of each of the past two years (or child of a seasonal agricultural worker). 

• Full-time employee, or spouse, or dependent of a full-time employee of any of the following colleges/universities: California Community Colleges, California State University, University of California, or Maritime Academy.

*The California residency requirement has two parts, Act and Intent. To claim residency a student must have lived and shown intent to reside in California by:
  • paying California income taxes;
  • possessing a valid California driver's license;
  • registering and voting in the state;
  • owning and registering a car in California and/or the absence of these ties with another state.

The payment of California state income taxes is the most important act of intent. Concurrent with these acts of intent, physical presence in the state for one year and one day prior to the first day of classes is needed to establish California residency in the District. Because the residency requirement is complicated, students with questions should contact the Office of Admissions and Records at 707-468-3101.



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