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California Mini-Corps at Mendocino College
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The California Mini-Corps School-Year Program was initiated in 1974. The school year programs evolved from the Mini-Corps Summer Program. The idea for a corps of people from rural migrant background to work not only in the summer school, but in the regular school year was born, and put into action in 1974. The Mini-Corps students would use their talent and dedication to work in migrant impacted classrooms, and would be the link between the migrant community and the schools. They would be personally acquainted with each child and their family; they could share their hopes and frustrations. Most important, they would be role models that hopefully would raise the aspiration of migrant children. Through the summer and school-year programs the Mini-Corps students provide services to the migrant children of California.

Program Objectives

  • Provide direct categorical services to Migrant Children which match or exceed performance standards prescribed in the California Master Plan.
  • Increase the numbers of professionals who are sensitive and committed to the needs of migrant children.

The Mini-Corps program at theMendocino College Ukiah campus provides students who are seeking educational careers the opportunity to work in a classroom setting with migrant children. This program is only offered during the school year, however, there are additional programs available during the summer. To learn more about our school year and summer programs, contact the Mini-Corps Office: 468-3040.

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Role of Mini-Corps Students

  • Students will work in the migrant impacted classrooms as teacher assistant and will serve as role models for migrant students.

  • Students will encourage migrant children to continue in school and help to provide a communication link between the migrant child, his parents and the school.

  • Students will also help classroom teachers to better understand the migrant child and his culture. Student will be an advocate for the migrant child and his family.

  • Student will be expected to work 10-20 hours a week under the supervision of the classroom teachers and the Mini-Corps College Coordinator.

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