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Fraud Alert!

Identity theft or fraud- Commission staff recently became aware of an incident of attempted fraud through a caller representing himself as Commission staff and asking a student for her bank account information in order to arrange for a deposit of Cal Grant funds!

Please remind your students: the Commission will never call and request personal bank account information; Cal Grant award funds are sent to students’ college financial aid offices and never directly to a student; and Commission staff will always identify themselves if they call a student.

Log on to the Commission Web site at and click on Student Identity Theft for more information on protecting your students against fraud and identity theft.

Beware of web sites or telemarketers who make promises about helping you get financial aid or scholarships for a fee.  The FAFSA is the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid.  It is the way you qualify for all federal and most state financial aid money.  Help applying should be free.

A good reliable FREE scholarship search engine is

Students should also be aware that the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is FREE if you use  Other website may charge a fee to help you with the application process.  If you need help, please stop by the Financial Aid Office in the Lowery Library Building and we will assist you at no charge.  Please don't pay for something that was meant to be free.

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