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1. Front-end Analysis

We link your business goals to your desired employee performance levels.

2. Solution Development

We identify and plan your workplace improvements and employee training.

3. Implementation

We provide the guidance and training your organization needs, customized to your unique situation

4. Evaluation of Results

We measure the impact of the plan's implementation, and show you the results. We also develop strategies for keeping skills sharp and business progress on going.

What's the cost?

Your investment in your business depends on the range of performance initiatives and solutions you select. In some cases we can arrange college credit for employees and State-funded reimbursement for employers. In any case, you can count on cost-effective, cutting-edge, workforce improvement.

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  • California Conservation Corps
  • County of Lake & Lake County Superior Court
  • County of Mendocino
  • Fetzer Vineyards
  • Kelseyville High School
  • Lake County Dept. of Social Services
  • Laytonville's Healthy Start
  • Masonite
  • Mrs. Denson's
  • North Coast Opportunities

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