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Academic Senate

 Thursday, May 22, 2014

Room 4210 (Library Classroom)

12:30-1:30 PM   



Approval of Agenda


Consent Items:

Committee Appointments: SLOT 2014-16 - Dan Jenkins, Jaime Cechin, Aeron Ives, Julie Finegan


Approval of Minutes –


Public Comment

Members of the public may address the Senate on any agenda item after being recognized by the Chair. Due to the brevity of the meeting and the length of most agendas, the total amount of time for public comment will be limited to 10 minutes.


Committee Reports

•       President’s report

•        MPFA report


Old Business


1.      Update on Senate Goals for 2013-14/Evaluation of Senate Activities


New Business


1.      Enrollment Management/Class Cancellation/FTES inside district vs. outside

2.      Pt. Arena Field Station




Future Agenda Items?

Next Meeting:  TBA

                                          Academic Senate Membership 2013-14


John Koetzner – President                           Reid Edelman – Vice-president

Steve Cardimona                                        Tammy Cartwright – MPFA

Jaime Cechin                                              Jessica Crofoot – MPFA

Jason Edington                                Conan McKay

Sarah Walsh                                               Tascha Whetzel


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