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Mendocino College is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees elected at large by the citizens of the District. A Student Trustee is elected by the student body and is the official representative of the students to the Board, regularly participating in all its meetings.

Citizens Advisory Committees
In order to assure that programs leading directly to employment are continuously updated to meet the needs of business, agriculture, industry, government and the professions, the Mendocino-Lake Community College District annually invites leaders from the communities to serve on Citizens Advisory Committees. The purpose of the Committees is to obtain the best planning information pertaining to:

  1. new courses and course content.
  2. changing needs in the employment market.
  3. appropriateness and effectiveness of existing course content.
  4. performance of students on the job after completing the program.

Advisory Committees are established for career programs. In addition, the College also forms Citizens Advisory Committees as required for similar purposes relating to non-vocational programs.

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