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Cooperative Work Experience Education

Course Syllabus

The following instructions outline the requirements for successful completion of the Work Experience Program. This information and the required forms can also be found on the website (go to; click on “For Students” then click on “Work Experience”; navigate from there). If you have any questions, call the Work Experience Office at 468-3047 (Ukiah and Willits); 707/468-3000 ext 4004 (Lakeport). Please note that all assignments, other than Time Sheets, MUST BE TYPED. Refer to the Course Schedule for due dates of all assignments. 

ORIENTATION: ALL students are required to attend an orientation meeting. You will find the dates/times in the “Work Experience Course Schedule”. Please SIGN UP for ONE orientation date; there will be sign-up sheets outside the CWE office (room 1010 in MacMillan Hall in Ukiah; go to the Admissions window in Lakeport and Willits for sign-up). Seating for these orientations is limited, so be sure to sign-up early to ensure a place in your first-choice date and time. You MUST BE ON TIME; students arriving late will not be admitted to the Orientation. Late enrollees must make arrangements with the CWE office for an alternate Orientation day/time. 

APPLICATION  All students enrolled in CWE are required to submit a typed application. This is one of the forms that can be completed on-line. It is also in the printed packets. If you do complete it online, you will need to print your completed application, sign it and have it signed by your employer/supervisor before it is submitted to the CWE office. It is important that you complete all information on the application and submit this on or before the due date.

WORK EXPERIENCE OBJECTIVES Objectives are the core of the CWE learning experience. The number of objectives required coincides with the number of units attempted; that is, a 1-unit course only requires one objective, 2 units require 2 objectives, 3 units require 3 objectives, etc.. The objective must be challenging, just as you would expect in a college course. “College-level” learning means:

  • Taking ideas or concepts you’ve learning in the classroom and applying them to the work place. This may mean taking principles of good customer service, for example, and applying them at work by changing specific behaviors towards customers
  • Examining the work you are doing by thinking critically about how you accomplish certain tasks, how you might do them differently, and whether the way you complete the tasks results in the outcomes you desire
  • Working independently in completing complex assignments that require planning, organizing and implementing new tasks, skills or behaviors
  • Demonstrating skills you’ve learning in the classroom, like creating a spreadsheet or leading a group counseling session, and doing it in a professional manner with appropriate conduct and vocabulary.

All objectives must be attainable in the current semester. More information on the objectives and assistance with creating objectives will be provided at the Orientation meeting. Your instructor is available to provide you with individual assistance with your objectives, as well. You must complete one Objectives form for each objective, and they must be typed; these forms are in the packet and can also be completed online. If complete online they must be printed and submitted as hard copy. All Objectives forms must be signed. 

TIME SHEETS Monthly Time Sheets must be submitted to the CWE office by the 1st Friday of each month. Your hours will not count toward CWE unless you are working on objectives approved by the CWE instructor. Extra copies of the time sheets can be found on the web site. If you are paid, you must work 75 hours over the semester for each unit; if you are a volunteer, you must work 60 hours over the semester for each unit.          

Units Enrolled:1 unit2 units3 units4 units
If Paid:75 hours150 hours225 hours300 hours
If Volunteer:60 hours120 hours180 hours240 hours

MEETING WITH CWE INSTRUCTOR Students are required to meet with the instructor at least once each semester. The Orientation meeting can satisfy this requirement; however, if your initial draft of your Objectives is not approved, or if you are not making satisfactory progress in meeting your Objectives, you may be required to meet with the instructor additional times during the semester. You will be notified by the CWE office if this is the case.

SELF EVALUATION You are required to complete an evaluation of how well you did in attaining your CWE objectives. Use one Self Evaluation form for each Objective and answer the questions on the form. This will be done at the end of the semester (by the due date). Forms are in the packet and can be completed online. If you complete the Self Evaluation online, be sure to print out a copy, sign it and have your supervisor sign it before turning it in to the CWE office. 

CWE “PROJECT” General CWE students (those enrolled in CED 50 or CED 195) are required to complete a project directly related to career assessment or job readiness skills. Occupational CWE students do NOT have to complete a project. More information regarding the requirements for the project for CED 50/195 students can be found in the packet or on the web site, and will be explained in detail at the Orientation. The project must be submitted on or before the due date indicated on the Course Schedule 

EMPLOYER EVALUATION Your CWE instructor will be meeting with your employer/supervisor at some point during the semester to provide the employer with an orientation to the CWE program (if necessary) and to obtain a “progress report”. Be sure to keep your supervisor informed of your progress toward meeting your objectives. At the conclusion of the semester your supervisor will be required to complete a one-page evaluation. This Employer Evaluation is an important part of your final grade, and must be signed by the supervisor and returned to the CWE office before the end of the semester. You will not have to do anything with the Supervisor Evaluation form other than to inform the supervisor of your progress and to remind the supervisor to complete the evaluation. 

CHANGES IN YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION OR EMPLOYMENT If there are any changes in your mailing address, phone number, place of employment or supervisor, you must contact the CWE office immediately with that information. If the CWE instructor is unable to contact you or your supervisor, your grade may be seriously affected.  






468-3047 (Ukiah and Willts); 468-3000 ext. 4004 (Lakeport)



For more information

contact the Work Experience Office at 468-3047; or email Daniel Jenkins at

You can also visit Dan Jenkins' web page.

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