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  1. A college application and any other required application materials must be submitted by the filing deadline date. Complete the entire application which is used for preliminary screening purposes. You may attach additional information such as a letter and/or resume to further demonstrate your ability to meet the qualifications for the position.


  2. Individuals wanting to apply for more than one position must submit duplicate materials for each position.


  3. After the filing deadline date, a Selection Committee will review applications and determine the interview list based on the qualifications listed in the job announcement. Meeting state-mandated minimum qualifications for a position does not assure an applicant of an interview.


  4. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified by telephone. Applicants not selected for an interview will be notified by mail.


  5. Interviews will be conducted by a Selection Committee. A second interview with the Superintendent/President will be required for final applicants. The District does not reimburse for travel expenses.


  6. The college will conduct reference checks on the final candidate(s).


  7. The college reserves the right to readvertise a position or delay indefinitely the employment process if it is determined by the college that applicants for the position do not constitute an adequate applicant pool or due to other extenuating circumstances.


  8. The college does not return application materials.


  9. Mendocino College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), marital status, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or Vietnam Veteran status is prohibited in all education and employment practices of the college.

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