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This course will explore the influences of psychological factors
in the prevention of illness, the treatment of illness, recovery
from illness, the maintenance of good health, and the effectiveness
of the health care system. Psychology is playing an ever-increasing
role in health behaviors, illnesses, injuries, and in medical
settings. Students will learn to analyze and integrate a
multidisciplinary approach to health, illness, and health care by
applying a biopsychosocial perspective to topics such as stress
and illness; health-related lifestyle behaviors; the psychology
of pain management; the use and abuse of the health care system;
psychological factors in health care settings; and psychological
issues in chronic and terminal illnesses.

Units  3 unit
Hours  3 hours lecture 
Length  17 weeks
Graded  Credit course taken for grade or for credit/no credit
Classification  Liberal arts " sciences education courses
Version  01

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Spring 2009 4677 18/5 KAMMER B Jan 20 May 19 Ukiah

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