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The fundamentals of the dynamic European martial art of fencing will be
introduced. Students will be instructed in the basics of the Italian
School of Fencing which will include (but not be limited to) proper
fencing etiquette, vocabulary/terminology, placements of the weapon and
corresponding hand positions, right-of-way rules, families of actions,
proper footwork and movement patterns, and proper bouting etiquette.

Units  1 - 2 unit
Hours  4 hours labratory 
Length  17 weeks
Graded  Credit course taken for grade or for credit/no credit
Classification  Liberal arts " sciences education courses
Version  02

Scheduled Sections

Semester Section Seats* Instructor Begins Ends Location

Summer 2008 8226 7/0 HICKS G Jun 24 Jul 31 Ukiah

* Seats - Open/Wait
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