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Physical geography is a focused study of the surface of the Earth and
its landforms. This course offers a concise study of the natural
environment, including topics in weather, landform study, and the water
cycle. Emphasis is on the interrelated aspects of natural systems within
the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere, and on the characterization
of the environment through map interpretation.

Units  4 unit
Hours  3 hours lecture 3 hours labratory 
Length  17 weeks
Graded  Credit course taken for grade or for credit/no credit
Classification  Liberal arts " sciences education courses
Version  01

Scheduled Sections

Semester Section Seats* Instructor Begins Ends Location

Fall 2008 0274 7/0 CARDIMONA S Aug 18 Dec 17 Ukiah
Spring 2009 5179 7/0 ADAM D Jan 20 May 21 Lakeport

* Seats - Open/Wait
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