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General Work Experience (CWE) Education is an academic course in which
work sites serve as "off-campus classrooms." Any type of work is suitable
for General Work Experience. Faculty, employers and students work
together to create a meaningful work-based educational experience by
developing and achieving specific learning objectives related to their
jobs. CWE can help students develop necessary work habits, open doors to
new employment experiences, or assist students in acquiring skills and
knowledge necessary for advancement in their current employment. Specific
units are determined based on the number of hours a student works over the

Units  1 - 3 unit
Hours  15 hours by arrangement 
Length  17 weeks
Graded  Credit course taken for grade or for credit/no credit
Classification  Liberal arts " sciences education courses
Version  02

Scheduled Sections

Semester Section Seats* Instructor Begins Ends Location

Fall 2008 0268 99/0 JENKINS D Aug 18 Dec 18 Ukiah
Fall 2008 0269 146/0 JENKINS D Aug 18 Dec 18 Ukiah
Fall 2008 0270 42/0 JENKINS D Aug 18 Dec 18 Ukiah

* Seats - Open/Wait
Last Updated 4/25/2015 1:21 AM


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