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Examination of viticultural variables and their effect on the sensory
aspects of wine. Variables such as climate, geography, grape variety,
vineyard practices, grape maturity, and vineyard yield will be related
to specific wine aromas and flavors through comparative tasting of
commercial and experimental wines.

Units  1 unit
Hours  1 hours lecture 
Length  17 weeks
Graded  Credit course taken for grade or for credit/no credit
Classification  Occupational education courses
Version  01

Scheduled Sections

Semester Section Seats* Instructor Begins Ends Location

Fall 2008 0023 13/0 STEWART CO Oct 09 Nov 13 Ukiah
Spring 2009 4020 2/5 STEWART CO Apr 02 May 14 Ukiah

* Seats - Open/Wait
Last Updated 4/19/2015 1:21 AM


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