Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

Section 100: The District

Board Policies Effective Administrative Procedures Effective
BP 101 District Name and Classification (pdf 197k) 12-Dec-2007    
BP 102 Use of District Name (pdf 186k) 16-Dec-1981    
BP 103 Mission and Vision (pdf 260k) 1-Apr-2013    

Section 200: Board of Trustees Bylaws

Board Policies Effective Administrative Procedures Effective
BP 201 Membership (pdf 237k) 10-Sep-2008    
BP 202 Student Trustee (pdf 200k) 01-May-2013    
BP 203 Duties and Authority (pdf 212k) 12-Dec-2007    
BP 204 Board Organization (pdf 203k) 21-Sep-2011 AP 204.1 Organization - Board Officers Procedures (pdf 208K) 14-Sep-2011 
BP 205 Meetings (pdf 195k) 04-May-2011    
BP 206 Public Participation in Board Meetings (pdf199k) 02-Sep-1998 AP 206.1 Public Participation in Board Meetings (pdf 175k) 02-Sep-1998
BP 207 Delegation of Authority (pdf 211k) 12-Dec-2007    
BP 208 Board of Trustees Code of Ethics (pdf 160k) 07-May-2008    
BP 209 Trustee Compensation and Benefits (pdf 198k) 02-Mar-2011    
BP 210 Board Professional Development (pdf 194k) 11-Jul-2007 AP 210.1 Board Professional Development Guideline (pdf 178k) 11-Jul-2007
BP 211 Employment of Superintendent (pdf 225k) 05-May-2010    
BP 212 Evaluation of Superintendent/President (pdf 197k) 02-Mar-2005 AP 212.1 Evaluation of Superintendent/President (pdf 248k) 14-Sep-2011
BP 213 Participation in Local Decision-Making(pdf 202k) 04-May-2011 AP 213.1 Procedures for Participation in Local Decision-Making(pdf 207k) 14-Apr-2011
BP 214 Conflict-of-Interest Code (pdf 236k) 01-Sep-2012    
BP 215 Trustee Self-Evaluation (pdf 202k) 15-Sep-2012 AP 215.1 Trustee Self-Evaluation Process (pdf 169k) 15-Sep-2012

Section 300: General Institution

Board Policies Effective Administrative Procedures Effective
BP 301 Organization (pdf 186k) 02-Nov-1983    
BP 302 District Code of Ethics (pdf 231k) 05-Jun-2013

AP 302.1 District Code of Ethics Procedures

BP 303 Public Information Policy (pdf 153k) 18-Jan-2006 AP 303.1 Public Information Procedures (pdf 177k) 10-Nov-2005
BP 304 Public Records (pdf 202k) 14-Jan-2004 AP 304.1 Public Records Procedure (pdf 197k) 14-Jan-2004
    AP 304.2 Records Retention and Destruction (pdf 169k) 14-Jan-2004
BP 305 Tobacco Use on Campus (pdf 202k) 09-Dec-2009 AP 305.1 Use of Tobacco Products on campus (pdf 177k) 09-Dec-2009
BP 306 Lowering the Flag to Half Staff (pdf 198k) 10-Dec-2003    
BP 307 Non-Discrimination (pdf 199k) 05-Jun-2013 AP 307.1  Sexual Harassment 09-Dec-2013
    AP 307.2 Discrimination Complaint Procedure (pdf 182k) 09-Dec-2013
BP 308 Sexual Assault Response (pdf 149k) 05-Mar-2008 AP 308.1 Sexual Assault Response Procedure (pdf 249k) 27-Nov-2007
BP 309 Drug Free Workplace (pdf 200k) 06-Sep-1989    
BP 310 Alcohol and Illegal Drugs (pdf 205k) 05-Feb-2003    
BP 311 Computer Use Policy (pdf 196k) 11-Jul-2007 AP 311.1 Computer Use Administrative Procedure (pdf 185k) 01-May-2007
BP 312 Use of Physical Fitness Lab (pdf 201k) 05-Jun-2002    
BP 313 Distribution and Posting of Materials on Campus (pdf 191k) 05-Jul-1995 AP 313.1 Procedure for Distribution and Posting of Materials on Campus (pdf 189k) 23-Oct-2007
BP 314 Mendocino College Foundation, Inc. (pdf 191k) 04-Nov-1998 AP 314.1 Mendocino College Foundation, Inc. Procedures (pdf 168k) 04-Nov-1998
BP 315 Child Abuse (pdf 213k) 05-May-2010 AP 315.1 Reporting of Known or Suspected Child Abuse (pdf 217k). Also see California Penal Code Sections 11165.1 - 11165.5; 11165.7,11166 and 11167. 14-May-2010
BP 316 Accreditation (pdf 202k) 05-Nov-2008    
BP 317 Political Activity on Campus (pdf 197k) 05-Nov-2008    
BP 318 Animals on Campus (pdf 205k) 01-Apr-2009 AP 318.1 Service Animals (pdf 165k) 24-Mar-2009
BP 319 Visitors and Children on Campus (pdf 191k) 04-Nov-2009 AP 319.1 Procedures for Visitors and Children on Campus(pdf 183k) 04-Nov-2009
BP 320 Institutional Planning (pdf 214k) 05-Jun-2013    
BP 321 Weapons Prohibited on Campus (pdf 232k) 09-Dec-2009    
BP 322 Prevention of Workplace Violence (pdf 194k) 14-Mar-2012 AP 322.1 Procedures for Workplace Violence Prevention and Response (pdf 185k) 01-Feb-2012

Section 400: Academic Affairs

Board Policies Effective Administrative Procedures Effective
BP 402 Curriculum Development (pdf 202k) 15-Jan-2003    
BP 403 Course Outline (pdf 198k) 07-Aug-2002    
BP 404 Textbook Policy (pdf 210k) 12-Dec-2012 AP 404.1 Procedure of Selecting Textbooks (pdf 163k) 29-Nov-2012
BP 405 Library Policy (pdf 190k) 08-Jan-2014 AP 405.1 Library Procedures (pdf 166k) 06-Dec-2006
BP 406 Field Trips (pdf 195k) 07-Aug-2002    
BP 407 Distance Education (pdf 188k) 09-Apr-2008 AP 407.1 Distance Education Procedures; Regular Effective Contract (pdf 170k) 06-Mar-2012
BP 408 Academic Calendar (pdf 189k) 10-Dec-2003 AP 408.1 Procedures for Developing the Academic Calendar (pdf 183k) 20-Sep-2012 
BP 409 Community Advisory Committees (pdf 199k) 07-Feb-2007 AP 409.1 Community Advisory Committees Procedure (pdf 170k) 12-Dec-2006
BP 410 Classroom Guest Speakers (pdf 199k) 07-Aug-2002    
BP 411 Academic Freeedom (pdf 204k) 06-Jun-1984    
BP 412 Contract Education (pdf 198k) 07-Aug-2002    
BP 413 Community Service Classes(pdf 221k) 02-Jun-2010    

Section 500: Student Services

Board Policies Effective Administrative Procedures Effective
BP 502 Admissions, Enrollment, and Attendance (pdf 210k) 18-Jan-2011 AP 502.1 Procedures for the Admission, Enrollment and Attendance of Certain Student Groups (pdf 180k) 03-Nov-2011
    AP 502.2 Positive Attendance Accounting (pdf 164k) 05-Nov-2013
    AP 502.3 Census Attendance Accounting (pdf 161k) 05-Nov-2013
BP 503 Examinations and Grading (pdf 203k) 07-Aug-2002    
BP 504 Assessment and Counseling (pdf 199k) 01-May-2002    
BP 505 Academic Standards for Probation and Dismissal (pdf 214k) 05-Aug-1992 AP 505.1 Academic and Progress Probation and Dismissal (pdf 189K) 13-Mar-2013
BP 506 Student Records (pdf 191k) 07-Aug-2002 AP 506.1 Privacy of Student Records (pdf 173k) 05-Jun-2002
BP 507 Academic Recognition (pdf 197k) 01-May-2002    
BP 508 Graduation Requirements (pdf 200k) 01-May-2002    
BP 509 Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Expression (pdf 194k) 05-Feb-2003 AP 509.1 Speech: Time, Place, Manner 05-Nov-2013
BP 510 Catalog Rights (pdf 227k) 04-May-2011    
BP 511 Credit Hour (pdf 227k) 01-May-2013    
BP 513 Substance Abuse and Drug Testing - Athletics 05-Jun-2013    
BP 512 Intercollegiate Athletics (pdf 200k) 11-Jul-2007    
BP 515 Privacy of Students (pdf 210k) 05-Nov-2008    
BP 516 Student Government (pdf 212k) 11-Jul-2007    
BP 517 Student Clubs and Organizations (pdf 216k) 11-Jul-2007 AP 517.1 Student Clubs and Organizations Procedures (pdf 183k) 29-Nov-2012
BP 518 Co-Curricular Activities (pdf 204k) 11-Jul-2007    
BP 519 Solicitation of Funds and Student Credit Cards (pdf 197k) 06-May-2009    
BP 522 Student Financial Assistance (pdf 216k) 07-May-2008    
BP 523 Student Health Awareness Program (pdf 198k) 01-May-2002    
BP 528 College Fees and Refunds (pdf 196k) 01-May-2002 AP 528.1 Enrollment Fees (pdf 184k) 21-Mar-2005
    AP 528.2 Student Health Fees (pdf 178k) 01-Apr-2008
    AP 528.3 Instructional and Other Materials Fees (pdf 160k) 10-Apr-2002
    AP 528.4 Audit Fee (pdf 158k) 05-Jun-2002
    AP 528.6 Student Representation Fee (pdf 158k) 10-Apr-2002
    AP 528.7 Credit By Exam Fee (pdf 158k) 21-Mar-2005
    AP 528.8 Non-Resident Tuition Fee (pdf 150k) 21-Mar-2005
    AP 528.9 Student Center Fee (pdf 164k) 21-Mar-2005
BP 530 Course Repeatability (pdf 204k) 14-Oct-2009    
BP 531 Auditing of Courses (pdf 196k) 02-Mar-1988 AP 531.1 Auditing of Courses (pdf 175k) 08-Dec-1993
BP 533 Code of Student Conduct Policy (pdf 195k) 14-Sep-2011 AP 533.1 Student Conduct Guidelines (pdf 175k) 11-Apr-2013
    AP 533.2 Academic Honesty Guidelines (pdf 168k) 03-Nov-2011
BP 534 Student Grievance and Due Process Policy (pdf 196k) 08-Jan-2014 AP 534.1 Student Grievance and Due Process Procedures (pdf 172k)  
BP 535 Student Matriculation Services (pdf 199k) 06-May-1992 AP 535.1 Matriculation Definitions and Procedures (pdf 174k) 26-Feb-2003
BP 536 Open Course Policy (pdf 198k) 06-May-1992    
BP 537 Prerequisites, Corequisites and Recommended Preparation Policy (pdf 215k) 29-Nov-1994 AP 537.1 Prerequisites, Corequisites and Recommended Preparation Procedures (pdf 248k) 07-Jun-2000

Section 600: Business and Fiscal Services

Board Policies Effective Administrative Procedures Effective
BP 601 Budget Planning and Preparation (pdf 224k) 04-Jun-2008    
BP 602 Risk Management (pdf 222k) 02-Jul-2008    
BP 603 Investment Policy (pdf 230k) 04-Jun-2008    
BP 604 Travel and Travel Expenses (pdf 180k) 12-Nov-2006 AP 604.1 Travel Manual (pdf 187k) 07-Nov-2006
    AP 604.2 District Mileage (pdf 174k) 07-Nov-2006
    AP 604.3 Eligible Drivers of District Vehicles (pdf 158k) 07-Nov-2006
    AP 604.4 Administrative Expense Reimbursement (pdf 166k) 07-Nov-2006
BP 605 Contracts, Bids and Purchases (pdf 234k) 04-Jun-2008    
BP 606 Audits (pdf 216k) 05-Nov-2008    
BP 607 Campus Safety (pdf 223k) 04-Jun-2008    
BP 608 Property Management (pdf 234k) 01-Apr-2009    
BP 609 Donations and Gifts (pdf 191k) 03-Jun-2010    
BP 612 Use of Facilities General Policy (pdf 225k) 03-Jun-2010 AP 612.1 General Procedures & Regulations Governing Use of Facilities (pdf 237k) 30-Aug-2012
BP 613 Disposition of Property (pdf 208k) 09-Dec-2009 AP 613.1 Surplus Property: Declaration And Disposition (pdf 171k) 09-Dec-2009
BP 615 Naming of Facilities (pdf 217k) 06-Nov-2002    
BP 616 Commercial Advertising Facilities (pdf 197k) 02-Jun-2010    
BP 617 Parking and Traffic (pdf 195k) 06-May-2009 AP 617.1 Parking and Traffic Procedures (pdf 171k) 21-Apr-2009

Section 700: Human Resources

Board Policies Effective Administrative Procedures Effective
BP 701 Employment of District Personnel (pdf 193k) 18-Aug-2010 AP 701.1 Selection Process – Regular Employees (pdf 196k) 10-Feb-2009
    AP 701.2 Selection Process – Hourly Faculty (pdf 179k) 03-Jul-1991
BP 702 Volunteers (pdf 201k) 18-Aug-2010    
BP 703 Employment of Short-term, Substitute Employees (pdf 198k) 02-Feb-2011    
BP 704 Minimum Qualifications - Faculty (pdf 208k) 18-Aug-2010    
BP 705 Minimum Qualifications/Equivalency-Administrators (pdf 195k) 11-Jul-2007    
BP 706 Equal Employment Opportunity Program 05-Jun-2013 AP 706.1 Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Procedure 05-Jun-2013
BP 711 Classified Personnel (pdf 185k) 19-Dec-1978    
BP 714 Employment and Assignment of Relatives (Nepotism)(pdf 211k) 11-Jan-2012    
BP 715 Resignation (pdf 191k) 18-Aug-2010    
BP 716 Distribution of Personal Information (pdf 196k) 18-Aug-2010    
BP 718 Teaching Assignments for Staff (pdf 191k)  14-Mar-2012    
BP 720 Administrator Retreat Rights (pdf 189k) 18-Aug-2010    
BP 722 Faculty Service Areas (pdf 189k) 18-Aug-2010    
BP 724 Faculty Emeritus Status (pdf 184k) 01-May-1996 AP 724.1 Faculty Emeritus Status (pdf 152k) 01-Apr-1998
BP 725 Counseling and Advising Services (pdf 199k) 18-Aug-2010     

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