Registration Dates


Spring 2016

Semester Begins – January 25, 2016

Semester Ends – May 27, 2016

Class Schedule Online – TBA

Priority Registration Begins - November 16, 2015

Open Registration Begins – November 21, 2015, online only; November 23, 2015, online and in person services available.

Summer 2015

Semester Begins – June 15, 2015

Semester Ends – August 6, 2015

Class Schedule Online – April 10, 2015

Priority Registration Begins – April 20, 2015

Open Registration Begins - April 25, 2015, online only; April 27, 2015, online and in person services available.                                   

Fall 2015

Semester Begins – August 24, 2015

 Semester Ends – December 18, 2015

Class Schedule Online – May 1, 2015

Priority Registration Begins – May 11, 2015

Open Registration Begins - May 16, 2015, online only; May 18, 2015, online and in person services available.


Per changes to state law, priority registration is available to continuing students in good academic standing with fewer than 100 degree applicable units completed and new students who have completed the matriculation process (application, orientation, assessment, counseling/advising services).  Mendocino College uses the last four digits of your SSN to rotate priority days; those who applied without an SSN are included in the “9999” group.  Students with priority registration have the opportunity to register for classes prior to all other students.  Note:  Students who are not in good academic standing and/or have completed 100 degree applicable units and K-12 students are not included in this priority period.

Students meeting enrollment priority criteria:

Summer 2015 Registration Times/Dates Begin:

Fall 2015 Registration Times/Dates Begin:

CalWORKs, DRC, EOPS, Foster Youth &

Military Veterans

8am, April 20th

8am, May 11th

Last 4 Digits of SSN:


8am, April 21st

8am, May 12th


8am, April 22nd

8am, May 13th



No SSN Reported

8am, April 23rd

8am, May 14th

Continuing priority registration for above groups.

8am, April 24th

8am, May 15th

Open Registration – Online

8am, April 25th

8am, May 16th

Open Registration – In Person

8am, April 27th

8am, May 18th



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